Saturday, January 26, 2013

Instigating With a Visor. That's a No No in the NHL

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Ryan O'Byrne learned the hard way that instigating a fight is a no no in the NHL. Instigating a fight while wearing a visor is a double no no. O'Byrne acted like a madman after San Jose player Brad Stuart hit Colorado Avalanche player Gabirel Landeskog with a hard hit that jolted the Avalanche player. O'Byrne retaliated by rushing at Stuart and starting a fight.

That instigating penalty led to O'Byrne being assessed an additional two minutes and 10 minute misconduct to the regulatory five minutes for fighting. What came next sealed the fate of the Avalanche. O'Byrne was also assessed an additional two minutes for wearing a visor while instigating a penalty. That's no permitted by the NHL. The additional penalties landed the Sharks with a double power play.

Autographed Patrick Marleau Photograph - 8X10 COAThe Sharks made O'Byrne and the Avalanche pay by scoring two goals on O'Byrne's penalties. The sails were taken out of the Avalanche and they never recovered. They lost the game 4-0. Fighting in hockey is one thing but goon play is quite another. Patrick Marleau should thank O'Byrne for acting like a madman because he scored his two goals on that power play.

O'Byrne killed his teams chances by acting like a dumb thug. Stuart's hit was legal and well within the rules of fair play. While O'Byrne wanted to send a message to the Sharks about not hitting his team's star player and also wanted to jump start his team by knocking the daylights out of Stuart, what he did backfired on him big time.

Someone should have told that numbskull that the San Jose Sharks have one of the best power plays in the NHL. They will make teams pay for their idiotic and goon playing. O'Byrne's actions were unforgivable. The guy doesn't deserve to play in the NHL. He's a hot head. He's a thug. He's a goon and he cost his team big time. For that, he is Saturday's Fool of the Day.

What O'Byrne did was turn Stuart's hit into a game changer. Stuart's hit got his team going. It ignited his team and it helped earn his team a victory on Saturday. What O'Byrne did was to make himself look like a moron and an inept hockey player. He looked stupid. He looked like he didn't even know the rules of the sport that he earns a living playing.

If I was O'Byrne's coach, I would bench his sorry butt. I would make him sit out a while. I might even suspend the piece of horse manure. The guy is a joke.

The problem is that this shortened NHL season has seen too much of this garbage fighting. Players have dropped their gloves before the opening whistle to try an act like professional boxers. This is becoming a joke and taking away from a great sport.

I'm not a fan of fighting in the NHL. I think it takes away from the game. I think it cheapens the game. I think actions like O'Byrne's are moronic. I would like to see the NHL assess a five minute penalty for instigating a fight and I would like to see the penalty for fighting changed from five minutes to 10 minutes.

That won't happen. It looks like the NHL loves fighting and would rather see MMA type actions on their ice than quality hockey. That's sad and ridiculous. When I watch a hockey game I want to see hockey being played, not mixed martial arts. If I wanted to see mixed martial arts, I would watch it.

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