Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm Sick of the Jim an John Harbaugh Story

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It's only been a few days and I'm already sick of the Jim and John Harbaugh Super Bowl story. Obviously there had to be initial excitement that they were the first siblings to square off against each other in the Super Bowl but it's got out of hand. Almost every Super Bowl story is about these bothers facing each other in the big game.

I'm already sick of the story and it's only a few days old. I have just under two weeks left to be bombarded with story after story after story after story of this nonsense. Is this the only storyline for the media to focus on? Isn't there anything else that they can cover in the next two weeks?

How about focusing on the players and their accomplishments. How about focusing on what a great job each coach has done for their respective teams. Those are good stories. I hope that this sibling match-up storyline dies down.

There have been a lot of overblown pre-Super Bowl stories in the past but this one is one of the most boring ones that I can remember. This story is deflecting from the teams that made it to the big game. Both teams have accomplished great things.

San Francisco came back in dramatic fashion to make it to the Super Bowl. They made up for last year's heartbreaking loss to the eventual Super Bowl champions, the New York Giants. That's a great story. That's meaningful.

The Baltimore Ravens have a future Hall of Fame player and one of the greatest in his position in Ray Lewis who will be retiring after the game. He's been an inspiration and a great leader. That's a great story. How about the fact that the Baltimore Ravens were huge underdogs to make it to the Super Bowl? Isn't that a good story?

Those might be good stories but the media is focusing one story and one story alone. They are focusing on the sibling aspect of this Super Bowl. They are focusing on the Sibling Rivalry angle of the Super Bowl and in my opinion it's the most boring of all.

You might be thinking that I can decide not to read the articles or I can turn off the television. Sure I can but that's a cop out type of answer. I'm a sports fan. When I visit my favorite sites I can't avoid the headlines can I? So I should just avoid sports for two weeks? Come on now.

When I tune in to my favorite sports shows, I can't avoid what they will be talking about. I can mute my television or turn it off all together but I'm a sports fan. Besides, if I didn't tune in to these annoying stories I wouldn't have written this article describing my annoyance at them. I wouldn't be doing my civic duty of writing how I feel about those ridiculous stories. OK. That was a stretch and I know it.

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