Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If You're A Washed Up Or Terrible QB There Might Be A Job For You With The New York Jets

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If you're a washed-up, retired or just a terrible Quarterback (QB), the New York Jets might have a job for you. The Jets troubles and mishandling of the QB position are well documented. Their handling of the situation is laughable at best and incompetent at worst. I believe the organization is incompetent.

Last season the Jets and Rex Ryan stubbornly started Mark Sanchez over and over and over again despite it being obvious the guy had no clue about how to play the position in the NFL. Sanchez was a joke and an embarrassment to the organization.

Signed JaMarcus Russell Photograph - Color UnframedThe Jets mishandled the Tim Tebow situation. They jerked the guy around. There mishandling of Tebow reinforced how clueless the organization is. You think that bringing a new GM would change things a little bit? You would be wrong if you thought that. They could bring in Mother Teresa and she wouldn't be able to deal with the clowns running the team. Team owner Woody Johnson is a joke.

Last week we learned that the organization was seriously considering trading their best player Darrelle Revis. This reinforced that the Jets are in a poor financial position as it relates to the salary cap. The team is in a precarious position and they might be going the bargain basement route when acquiring new players.

The Victory Formation is reporting that the Jets have talked to retired QB JaMarcus Russell. Apparently Russell is keen on making a comeback. The word comeback would assume that this guy was half decent. Russell was a flop. He was terrible. The guy had a career pass completion percentage of only 52.1 and a QB rating of 65.2.

It looks like the Jets will continue down the line of fielding the worst QBs available. Jets fans can envision a scenario where a guy like Russel or even worse gets the starting job and the Butt Fumbler himself, Mark Sanchez could be the backup. If Jets fans think that last year was horrible, they need to brace themselves for 2013.

On the bright side, if you are a terrible QB in the NFL, give the Jets a call. They are waiting for you and willing to pay you the bargain basement price that you command.

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