Tuesday, January 8, 2013

If The NHL Has One Exhibition Game It Should Be Free To The Public

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With the expectation that the NHL will play a 48 game schedule beginning on January 19th, some NHL teams would like to squeeze in a 49th game that would be an exhibition game. Some members of the media have asked what if anything can the NHL to do make it up to the fans?

One way the NHL can make it up to the fans is for the exhibition games to be free to the public. Ticket holders should receive monetary credit for that game to be used towards future ticket orders. I don't think it would be right or fair for the NHL to charge their fans for a pointless and meaningless game that is likely to produce garbage on the ice.

If the players want to use that game for further training and conditioning that's fine and dandy but why make the general public play to see that nonsense. I wouldn't pay to see it. I think it would also be a way of trying to earn back some much needed goodwill.

That game could also be used as the first game of probably many where fans will voice their displeasure to their teams and their team's players. It would be nice for the NHL to get those formalities out of the way.

Would a free game be enough to be granted forgiveness by NHL fans? That's unlikely. One game will not erase the bitterness and anger of a 113 day lockout and all the rubbish that occurred during that time. The NHL will have to earn back the respect and loyalty over time.

How can they do that? I think that they will need to offer a few discounted games or even a discounted package where the cost of seeing an NHL game is greatly reduced. If they did that, they should then allow season ticket holders to receive credit for discounts being offered.

One other way that the NHL can create goodwill is to work with local businesses and offer discounts to their establishments. Those discounts should be paid by the NHL and accepted by the establishment. Everyone would win. Fans would get a benefit of seeing a game and local businesses that were affected by the lockout could see an increase in business funded by the NHL.

The NHL needs to repair the damage done by the lockout to its fans and the business community. They will need to find creative ways of making it up to the fan. I don't have all the answers to what can be done. I might not have any good answers but I'm not the one who created this ridiculous and unnecessary lockout.

I'm not the one that created the mess and stench that resulted from the lockout. The NHL & NHLPA did and they need to repair the damage as soon as possible. One thing is certain the NHL is going to pay a price for this lockout that goes beyond the one billion or so dollars already lost by the NHL and the 800 or so billion lost by the players.

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