Monday, January 14, 2013

If the Lakers Played the Cavaliers Every Night...

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If the Los Angeles Lakers played the Cleveland Cavaliers every night they could be the top team in the NBA. With Dwight Howard back in the lineup the Lakers trounced the Cavaliers on Sunday. There were some people who were excited with the win. Sports stations were abuzz with the victory.

Can we all be serious for a second? The win means absolutely nothing. Had the Lakers done the unthinkable and lost the game we would be crucifying them. We would be laughing at them. If the game ended up being close we would be mocking them. I know I would be.

Kobe Bryant Lakers 2009 NBA Finals Intense 8x10 PhotoI'm only writing this article in reaction to watching sports highlights and some sportscasters reacting with near joy that the Lakers won big last night. I never heard a disclaimer of sorts that the Lakers were playing one of the worst teams in the NBA.

The Cavaliers are the second worst team in the NBA. They have a terrible offense which is the type of opponent that the Lakers love. The Lakers score tons of points, even when they lose. It's their defense that loses games for them. Playing a team like the Cavaliers that can't score makes the Lakers look like a competent team.

This game doesn't do anything for me. It doesn't tell me if the Lakers are actually turning the corner as far as their defense is concerned. It's one of those meaningless games that has me saying "let's see how they do against a real NBA team". I'll get my chance to see that when the Lakers take on the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday.

The Bucks are currently in seventh place in the Eastern conference. They have scored the 15th most points per game in the NBA. So they are an average scoring team. If the Lakers can hold them to under 100 points we might be able to see if they are starting to gel on defense.

If the Lakers lose the game or give up more than 100 points to the Bucks we will know that nothing has changed with the team.

For now the one thing that I'm convinced of is that the Lakers victory over the Cavaliers doesn't show us if the Lakers are improving. It does have us wishing that they could play Cleveland every night.

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