Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Decimate An NFL Team Woody Johnson Style

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If you are an NFL team and you're looking to decimate your team and make it into a loser all you have to do is set-up a meeting with New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. He will be able to give you excellent advice on how to produce a losing team. He will be able to teach you how to make all the wrong decisions. Woody is an expert in how to field a loser.

Wood y Johnson hired Rex Ryan and has stuck by Ryan through the big mouth's actions. Rex had another terrible season and Johnson still decided to keep him on as coach. Woody fired his GM Mike Tannenbaum. That was the right decision but he should have fired Rex Ryan as well.

The next idiotic move was to allow Rex Ryan to be part of the hiring process for a new GM. So you have a guy who's interviewing his future boss and that future boss doesn't have the right to fire you when he's hired? That doesn't make any sense. Nothing makes sense when it comes to Woody Johnson. The guy is a huge disaster.

I believe that the mess created by the ding dong Woody resulted in not being able to land a top notch GM. Why would anyone want to be a part of this circus? A competent and seasoned NFL executive wouldn't want to do be part of this fiasco The Jets had to settle on hiring John Idzik. John who? Exactly.

Now we get news that Woody Johnson will likely trade his best player, Darrelle Revis. Revis is a cornerback and the backbone of the Jets defense. According to Bleacher Report, Woody believes that he will not be able to resign Revis when he becomes a restricted free agent in 2014. If he believes that I believe it means that he wouldn't be willing to sign Revis to a fair contract. I think that it also means that he is not willing to field a winning team.

The Jets are in disarray. While I believe that Rex Ryan should have been fired, why would you keep the guy as a lame duck head coach only to likely fire the guy next season? It doesn't seem right or fair. How could Ryan succeed if the owner is going to decimate the team and make it into a loser?

I don't think that it's right to evaluate Rex Ryan based on that criteria. The right criteria to be used should have been Rex Ryan's first four seasons with the team. Woody would have been well within his right mind to fire Ryan at the end of this season but he didn't. Now it seems like he wants to rebuild the team.

If he is in rebuilding mode, then he should be willing to keep Ryan around long enough to see if he could succeed in that new environment. Wood isn't a competent NFL executive, so he will use his own set of tools to evaluate Rex Ryan and other Jets personnel.

It's clear to me that Woody Johnson is clueless. While I usually rejoice in seeing the pain on the faces of Jets fans, I feel for them. Their team is destined for futility for at least the next few years. That's has to be painful.

For Woody's apparent plan to trade Revis and my belief that he's decimating the New York Jets, Woody is Friday's Fool of the Day.

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