Friday, January 11, 2013

Has Jim Buss Lost his Marbles?

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Has Jim Buss lost his marbles? If we assume that he had brains in the first place, we can then make the conclusion that Buss has in fact lost his marbles. The guy seems void of common sense. Yesterday he gave an interview to ESPNLA 710 and in the interview he made a couple of comments that has me shaking my head.

Buss says No Major Changes Will Be Made- Buss says No Major Changes Will Be Made- Buss still believes in the club. With Howard injured indefinitely and major question marks existing as to whether he will return, shouldn't the Lakers look at possibly replacing the underachieving second-rate star. I know they couldn't get much if he's hurt but they should consider dumping his sorry backside.

They could bring in someone who actually helps the team and wants to be there. Howard is an underachiever and a crybaby.

Pau Gasol is out again. When he's in the lineup he's had a difficult time fitting in with D'Antoni's system. What's the use of having a player who's not contributing? I like Pau and was against the D'Antioni hiring but the situation is what it is now.

Buss wants to sit on his hands and do nothing. His team probably needs to win in the range of 45 games to make the playoffs. That means that they have to win 30 of their remaining 47 games (64% of them). They've only won 43% of their games up to this point. They will not make the playoffs at this rate.

Maybe it's too far into this season to make major changes. They put all their eggs into this basket and they got nothing in return. The Lakers suck. The decisions made by the front office sucked. It's that simple.

Still believes D'Antoni was the Right hire -Jim Buss mentioned in his interview that one of the reasons he was hired was that the Lakers felt that he was the right coach for Steve Nash. So you hire a guy for one player? That player was hurt for the first 7 weeks of the season. Now that he's back, Nash is playing decently, it's not enough. Why? Because the defense sucks.

D'Antoni wasn't hired for defense. In fact D'Antoni system barely addresses defense if at all. Jim it's defense that wins championships. Once again it's defense, defense and defense. So Jerry, this was the wrong hire. Is the defense really that bad? Yes they are. The Lakers are ranked 26th in points allowed. That's all that needs to be said.

I think Jim Buss has lost his marbles. I think he lost his marbles when the team brought Howard into the mix. I think that he lost his marbles when the Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni. I think he's lost his marbles for saying he still believes in D'Antoni and I think that he's lost his marbles for believing that the team has what it needs to make the playoffs.

For his comments Jim Buss is Friday's Fool of the Day.

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