Saturday, January 12, 2013

Games Aren't The Only Things Dropping Like Flies in Lakerland

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Games aren't the only things dropping like flies in Lakerland. The LA Lakers have dropped six straight games. They have been pathetic all year. Their ranking in points allowed has dropped from 25th to 26th and that could drop even further. So if it isn't only games that are dropping what else is?

Magic Johnson was the first person in Lakerland to give up on his former team. Magic has been outspoken about the Lakers before. He has the right to be. He's one of the greatest Lakers players of all time. He's grown frustrated with this current circus that attempts to entertain its fans. 

Fans like me have grown restless as well. We're accustomed to greatness and competence. We aren't' seeing anything like that. While we've seen great offensive efforts night after night, we've also seen many atrocious defensive efforts on their part.

It's maddening to see the Lakers ranked fourth in points scored and fourth in points allowed. I've said in previous Lakers articles that having a competent defense is the key to the Lakers doing well. I've also said that I believed that the D'Antoni hire was the wrong one since his system barely addresses defense. In my opinion defense isn't even part of D'Antoni's vocabulary.

Jack Nicholson is another person who dropped out of Lakerland. We're not sure if it's only briefly for a longer period of time. If I had to venture a guess I would say that I think it's only briefly and probably only for the last game against the Oklahoma Thunder who handed the Lakers their sixth straight loss on Friday night.

Even Jack is disgusted with what he's seeing. Even Jack can't take much more of this mess. All I can do is laugh right now. If I don't laugh I think I will cry. The Lakers front office is a joke. They are the ring leaders of this bumbling circus. They are the ones who've made terrible decisions. They are the ones who messed up by bringing Dwight Howard to town and the ones who hired D'Antoni so that Steve Nash could prosper.

Both those decisions have failed miserably. Those decisions have backfired.

The two men mentioned above are two examples of Lakers loyalists who've defected even if it is for a brief moment. How many others have joined them? How many others want to join them? How many Lakers fans are fed up? How many Lakers fans are angry at the Lakers front office?

Time will tell how this plays out. If the Lakers continue to stink up the court, more fans will drop out. It won't get pretty in Lakerland if this continues. I believe that it will only get worse before it gets better. The only thing positive that will come out of that is that it will provide me with more information to write more articles about this debacle.

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