Sunday, January 20, 2013

Falcons Have Their Wings Clipped In The 2nd Half

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The Atlanta Falcons got off to a great start and went up 17-0. They took a 10 point lead into the second half but that's when the game turned. The San Francisco 49ers outplayed their counterparts on the Falcons. The 49ers only gave up seven points in the second half. They went on to win 28-24.

Oh yeah, there's also a guy named Colin Kaepernick. After getting off to a slow start in the first quarter and a half, Colin woke up and then lit up the field. He didn't do it by running today. He did it with his arm. He put on a clinic out there.

Colin Kaepernick made the hapless Falcons defense look like they didn't belong in an NFC Championship game. Colin finished the game with 233 yards passing. He also went 16 for 21 and threw for one touchdown (TD).

Matt Ryan had a great game as well but it was his one interception and one fumble that did him in today. You can't do that in a big game like this. Matt went 30 for 42 passing, throwing for 396 yards and three TDs. This game will haunt Ryan. His mistakes will allow his critics to continue to say that he can't get over the hump. Matt did win one playoff game this year but will his critics leave him alone? Not a chance.

The biggest problem for the Falcons today was their defense. They decided to stay in the locker room after the halftime. I think the Falcons put a Pop Warner squad on the field in the second half.

Besides a non-existent defense in the second half, some of the play calling was atrocious. I didn't like the last two plays on the Falcons game winning drive attempt. It was bush league. So was the play that ended the Falcons drive after that fumble recovery deep in their zone. On a third down play and deep in their zone, Matt Ryan threw a pass one yard short of the first down marker. That was a terrible play.

In the end the 49ers were the better team. Their defense played a good second half and made big plays when they needed them the most. Colin Kaepernick showed why Jim Harbaugh went with him in the second half of the regular season. The guy can burn you in many ways.

Today the 49ers clipped the Falcons wings and left their fans with a bitter pill to swallow. This team just isn't good enough to make it to the Super Bowl. Had they found a way, I think that we would have witnessed a blowout by their AFC opponent.

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