Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ed Reed Sounds Like He's Concussed

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
Ed Reed lashed out at Roger Goodell and the NFL. He said that the NFL is fining the wrong things. He's taken aim at how the NFL conducts its business and how it polices the game. Ed Reed sounds like he's suffered a concussion. He sounds incoherent. He sounds like he's illiterate and a numbskull.

Ed Reed Signed Photograph - 8x10Thankfully Ed Reed isn't running the show. If hoodlums like Reed ran the show, I believe that NFL players would be lying on the field motionless. The guy is a goon and a dirty player as evidenced by the more than $100,000 he was fined this season.

Eureka, I've got it. Ed Reed is upset that he's not allowed to maim and behead his opponents. Ed Reed is upset that Roger Goodell and the NFL won't allow him to try and injure players and end their careers. Now I don't have evidence that Ed Reed wants to do that but I don’t believe that he has made no effort to play within the rules.

Ed Reed is defiant. He doesn't seem to care if he permanently injures and opponent. He is upset that the league won't tolerate his dirty play. That's why this ingrate is upset. Ed reed follows a long line of NFL aholes that are lashing out at the league.

While their moron union leader is hell bent on suing the NFL for not doing enough to protect NFL players, DeMaurice Smith sits by idly while his players try to kill each other on the field. The guy sat by idly and actually defended the punk Vilma instead of ridiculing the piece of dung.

It's hard to take guys like Ed Reed and his fellow players seriously. They don't care about player safety, yet they want to sue the league for not doing enough to protect them. The NFL is in a catch 22 with these guys.

You have mavericks like RG3 putting his career on the line while it was obvious that he could suffer a serious injury. You have guys like Jay Cutler who went back on the field with a concussion and who probably would play concussed. Then these guys want to turn around and sue the league for not protecting them.

These guys take an inherent risk playing the game. They knowingly take senseless risks on the field. When they get injured they want to blame the NFL for their injuries and for not doing enough to protect them.

Ed Reed is disgrace to sports and athletes around the world. The guy acts like a tough guy but he's a dumb guy. He's not a person we should take seriously. Fans should shun and ridicule this punk. For his ridiculous rant, Ed Reed is Thursday's Fool of the Day.

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