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Does Romo Deserve Another Shot With The Cowboys?

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
I like to call Tony Romo, Oh No Romo for fun. On the surface it does look like the situation is Oh No when Romo takes the field. Does Romo deserve another year and another shot to prove himself in big games with the Cowboys? That's the question Sportmentary will be looking at today.

Signed Tony Romo Photo - 8x10 PSA/DNAWhen looking at everything Romo has done and has to offer I believe he deserves another shot. I think the Cowboys have the pieces to make a run next year. Tony deserves to be the guy to lead the team. I've never been a Cowboys fan but I don't like seeing Romo fail. I think next year will be game changer for him.

If we were to look how Tony does in big games and only looked at those games, it would be easy to say the Cowboys should dump him. Romo is 1-7 in big games (playoffs and regular season games). Since becoming the starter in 2006, Romo has only led the Cowboys to the playoffs three times and is 1-4 in those games. He's also turned over the ball numerous times in those games.

I don't think that we should only focus on the big games noted above. Football is a team sport and I don't think that it's fair to blame Romo for every loss in big games. If we look at Romo's career we see a quarterback with lots of potential. Sure he might not have completely lived up to that potential but he's had a pretty good career.

Romo has completed over 64% of his passes. That's pretty good. That's not all. Romo has a win/loss record of 55-38. That means that Romo has won 59% of his games. That's another good statistic. Romo puts his team in a position to win games. He wins far more than he loses.

Many Romo critics talk about his turnovers. I'm not going to defend him for turning over the ball. It seems as if those turnovers occur at the worst times possible. Romo needs to work on that but the fact is that Romo has thrown 177 touchdowns (TDs) to only 91 interceptions (INTs). Romo has averaged 25  TDs and 13 INTs per year. As I just said, I don't want to discount those turnovers but he's not a turnover king like some of his critics would like us to believe. 

Don't take my word for it. I decided to compare him to the big guns:
Drew Brees has averaged 29TDs and 15INTs per year as a starter. He does have that Super Bowl ring.
Tom Brady has averaged 27 TDs and 10.25 INTs per year as a starter but also has three Super Bowl rings.
Aaron Rodgers has averaged 34.2 TDs and only 9.2 INTs per year as a starter. He has one Super Bowl Ring.
Peyton Manning has averaged 31.1 TDs and 14.9 INTs per year as a starter. He also has one Super Bowl ring.

As you can see the only thing separating Romo from the group listed above are Super Bowl Rings and multiple playoff appearances. I don't think we can blame only Romo for the Cowboys failure. As the Cowboys improve and gel as a unit, Romo will have more success in reaching the playoffs and having success in them.

I think that it should be clear that Romo deserves another shot with the Cowboys and that Romo has the ability to guide the team to success. I sure hope that Romo and the Cowboys find a way to get over that hump and last hurdle. Once the team makes the playoffs, there's no telling how far they can go.

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