Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chris Culliver Should Not Be Allowed To Do Press Conferences

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Gay hater Chris Culliver a cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers should be banned by his club from opening his mouth to the media. Besides being a pig and besides being a piece of horse manure, this piece of garbage hates gays. Today while speaking with the media this horrible person said that gays should not be allowed in the NFL.

We shouldn't be surprised that some macho football player hates gays but in this day and age, being a bigot in public has no place in professional sports. I'm not going to say that he should be banned for life but if the NFL had any coconuts they would ban him from this Sunday's Super Bowl and fine him the league maximum. That would send a message that this type of bigoted behavior will not be tolerated by the NFL.

If an NFL player made racist remarks he would be banned from Sunday's Super Bowl. It would be nice if the San Francisco 49ers did the right thing and told him to pack his bags and go home but we know that won't happen.

When it comes to winning and money, morality and doing the right thing sometimes don't mix. I hope that the 69ers I mean 49ers issue a statement denouncing Culliver's hateful and ignorant comments. Culliver is representative of the dumb player. He represents a stereotypical player who tries to act macho by bashing people around and badmouthing gays. These types of players are idiots. They are ignoramuses. They are dumber than a rock. They are garbage.

Why am I so mad? I don't believe that bigotry and hatred have their place in the game. Guys like Culliver have the right to their opinions when in a private setting but when they represent their teams and the league they should shut their pie holes and act like decent human beings. If they don't they should be punished.

I think most normal people would agree that there should be no place for racism and bigotry in the NFL. If we believe that we should also agree that Culliver should be punished and penalized for his bigoted and insensitive comments. As I said earlier, he should be banned from the Super Bowl this Sunday.

For his comment Chris Culliver is the Fool of the Day for Wednesday.

02/02/2013 1:55 PM - Chris Culliver will undergo sensitivity training when he returns home from the Super Bowl.

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