Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bye Bye Brian Burke - A Good Firing!

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Bye Bye Burke. his isn't a sad good bye. It's a happy goodbye. Brian Burke is the (now) former GM of the Toronto Maple "Laughs" I mean Maple Leafs. He was fired today by Toronto after 4 pathetic seasons. The Laughs did not make the playoffs during his tenure. This was a good firing!

Leafs fans can now rejoice that new management seems committed to putting a winning product on the ice. Sort of. The Leafs are a joke. They are perennial losers. Thinking about the team makes one laugh. The only leaf that Toronto can be compared to is the dried out and shriveled leaf that we rake up and discard in the fall.

The Leafs have been a pathetic franchise for decades. Maybe it wasn't all Burke's fault. Maybe there's a curse on the team. I don't think that's it. I think that the team has just been poorly run. They haven't hired the right people in the past.

That might have changed when new ownership and management took over this team. Maybe they are committed on winning. Maybe they do care about the product that will take the ice. Maybe they are focused on providing value to their fans.

Maple Leafs fans keep on going back for more of the same every season. They've come to expect to see a losing product. If the Leafs finally turn the corner and become a winner, most fans will have to rub their eyes a few times. They will be in shock over seeing a winner.

The Leafs will have some tough decisions in the coming days, months and years. One of those decisions is rumored to be their interest in Roberto "Luoser" Luongo. I will laugh if the Leafs sign this loser. The guy does win during the regular season but when it comes to the playoffs, Luongo takes a vacation. He's terrible in the post season.

If the Leafs sign Luongo, their fans emotions will be played with. Luongo will get the team to the playoffs but that's about all they will get. He might even take them to the brink of a Stanley Cup championship, only to fall flat on his face. The guy is a huge liability in terms of his contract and his being a loser.

Let's focus on happy news for Leafs fans. They are finally rid of a liability  They are finally rid of a big mouth. They are finally rid of Brian Burke.


  1. Luongo is a loser eh? 2nd among active goaltender's in wins, getting to the brink of the Stanley Cup, and pushing deep into the playoffs = loser?


    You're just another fan regurgitating what other fans are puking down your throat.

  2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That's why I published yours :)

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