Sunday, January 13, 2013

Atlanta Falcons Show Their True Colors - They Were Losers Until They Were Winners!

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief Sportmentary Online Sports Talk
The Atlanta Falcons played more like Parakeets today. The Falcons took a 20-0 lead into the second half and even had a 20-0 lead late in the third quarter. For once most people watching the game thought that we had finally seen the Falcons playoff woes come to an end.

How stupid were we for thinking that. We're talking about Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Matt Ryan has to be one of the worst playoff quarterbacks in the history of the game. He threw a critical interception in the second half that led to a score for the Seahawks.

The Atlanta Falcons defense did the unthinkable today. They totally blew what looked to be an insurmountable lead. They couldn't stop Russell Wilson in the second half. They were a joke. They should ashamed with themselves.  They looked like a pathetic bunch of losers.

Matt Ryan looked like he would continue to be ridiculed. He looked like he would be mocked. People were about to laugh at him. They were about to consider him a big time loser. His critics were about to say that Matt plays well in the playoffs but can’t win the big game. They were about to call him a bum. That was…..

Until Matt actually led the Falcons on a game winning drive that led to an Atlanta field goal. He only had 25 seconds left on the clock. Are you kidding me? Matt had the last laugh. He did the unthinkable when he needed to do it. Everyone was counting him out. They felt that history would repeat itself fro the Falcons. It didn’t.

The Atlanta Falcons fans can breathe a sigh of relief. They almost blew this game. They were almost the laughing stocks of the NFL.

I still have my doubts about this Falcons team. I think they will be obliterated by the 49ers next week. You can't go up 20-0 with two quarters to play and then lay an egg like that. That was terrible defense in the second half by the dirty birds. It was just horrible to see.

The Falcons got a break and they won the game. Matt Ryan finally won a playoff game.

Let's give credit to Russell Wilson lots of credit for leading his team back from a huge deficit. He had a great second half. Russel Wilson showed us why he has a bright future ahead of him. Russell will be seen in many more playoff games. In my opinion he will emerge as the best quarterback in the NFL. Winning and playing great football seems to be in his blood.

Football fans had had a great weekend so far. The games have been incredible. There’s one more to go. Let's hope the next one is as good as this one.

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