Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Which QB Would Be My Choice For The Future?

The 2012 class of quarterbacks (QBs) might be the best ever. Robert Griffin III (RG3), Russel Wilson and Andrew Luck have taken the NFL by storm. RG3 is one game away from leading his club to the playoffs in his rookie season. Wilson and Luck have already done that.

The question for me is what QB would be my choice for the future? Which QB would I want? It's a really tough choice. Each QB has his merits. Each one will be a star and a potential Hall of Famer. For me, it comes down to which QB will win more Super Bowls and have long fruitful career.

I think that RG3 is the hands down rookie of the year. He's the second ranked QB in the NFL. He's thrown for 20 touchdowns (TDs) and only 5 interceptions (INTs). He is on fire and he's turned around the misfortunes of the Washington Redskins. Washington has life now. The team's fans are electrified. The atmosphere is like it was decades ago.

Even with the great year that RG3 is having, he wouldn't be my pick. For me it comes down to my belief that he's going to be injury prone. Like every scrambling and running QB before him, he will be injury prone. That's just my opinion.

Andrew Luck has had a very good year. He's taking Indianapolis Colts to the playoffs. This is a team that people thought were at least a few years away from even being mentioned in the playoff conversation. If we look at his stats it would be easy to say he's had an average year but that's not fair. Luck has led a number of late fourth quarter comebacks. He's thrown for 21 TDs. He has much less to work with than the RG3 and Ryan Wilson.

Until a few weeks ago, Luck would have been pick for the future. I'm extremely impressed with his body of work. My only concern is his occasional inconsistency. While that's to be expected, it still concerns me a little bit.

Russell Wilson has led the Seattle Seahawks to the playoffs. Everyone will talk about the team's defense which is dominant but it also takes a good if not great offense to win games. Russell Wilson has amazed and impressed me. In the last three games he has put up more than 50 points twice and over 40 points one time. He put up over 40 points against one of the best defenses in the NFL (San Francisco 49ers).

What's impressive is that Wilson has thrown for 20 TDS and only 10 INTs. His  poise under pressure is incredible. His leadership is surprising. Coming into this season we all knew about Luck and RG3. We knew they would amaze us but we didn't know much about Wilson.

When he got the start at the beginning of the season we all shook our heads. I know I did. I know why he did now. For me he gives his team the best future and best chance to win the Super Bowl. I can't put my finger on it and why he does but he has the it factor. There's something about him that makes him my choice.

There you have it. Russell Wilson is the QB that I would pick for the future success of my team.

Stats courtesy of ESPN.com.


  1. Wilson is perhaps finishing the strongest - Robert Griffin III perhaps had the best start and has played through injury. Robert Griffins style might make him more injury suspect during his career - Andrew Luck may have the best skills. Tim Tebow, Christian Ponder, are a couple other young QB's who made a good start - and who disappointed in their second year. Ponder needs a strong showing against the Packers, and Tim Tebow after landing with a new team (Jacksonville) will have to demonstrate the ability to bounce back after a year on the bench... None of them are at the level of the elite QB's the Manning brothers, Rogers, or Brady - still with their careers ahead they could well join that elite group.


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