Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vikings Defense Butchers Jay "Veal Cutlet” Cutler

The Vikings defense played a great game and butchered Chicago Bears QB Jay “Veal Cutlet” Cutler. They intercepted him twice and those interceptions led to two TDs (One of them a pick six) for the Vikings. They harassed Cutler all day, sacking him two times, knocking him down and deflecting passes. This was a great day for the defense.

Adrian Peterson (AP) was his usual dominant self and he carried the load for the offense. He is the offense and the only part of it worth taking about. AP finished the day with 154 yards rushing on 31 carries. He also had two touchdowns. You can't ask for anything more out of the guy. He is a workhorse and extremely productive.

Thanks to AP and our defense the offense didn't have to rely on Christian Ponder who had another poor day. The guy isn't progressing as the team would like and if the team had needed him to carry the load today they would have been in big trouble. The Vikings have no passing game. Thankfully they didn't need one today. Ponder finished the game throwing 28 passes. He was 11/28 for 91 yards passing and he threw one interception. 

That was a good enough for a passer rating of 53.8. That's not good enough in this league. Successful teams need to have a passing game. The quarterback needs to find a way to create some offense. Ponder has had three games where he's thrown for less than 100 yards. Words can't describe how pathetic that is.

That's enough negativity for a day where our Vikings won and important divisional game. I have to say it again. The Vikings defense was dominant today. The defense and AP are the reason we won the game. It was a huge victory for our team.

There was a tiny scare at the end of the game when Chicago got a touchdown but that came too late for the Bears. When a defense only gives up 14 points the team should win. Win they did. Waking up on will be easier on Monday morning.

Waking up tomorrow morning will also be easier knowing that the Vikings made Jay Cutler look like an average quarterback. His two interceptions destroyed the Bears. Mr. Turnover is back in poor form. I'm sure the Vikings are happy that they butchered Cutler.

Today’s players of the game: Vikings defense and AP. They deserve the honor.

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