Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tragedy for Cowboys

Another week and another tragedy in the NFL. This time tragedy has found the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Brown a defensive end for the Cowboys was killed in an accident early Saturday morning. His teammate nose tackle Josh Brent was driving the car. Brent has been charged with intoxication and also accused of driving at a high speed.

This is extremely tragic for the team. One of their players is gone and another faces a serious legal battle and possibly a lengthy jail sentence if convicted. I do believe that if Brent is convicted of manslaughter he should receive the maximum sentence. He caused the death of a human being. That could have been avoided had he not driven while intoxicated.

The Dallas Cowboys have faced their fair share of off the field troubles by their players. In their defense they have tried to intervene when their players have broken the law. They have tried to get them help. In this case the best thing is for everyone to allow the legal process to take place. Hopefully a harsh sentence will be handed out.

A message needs to be sent to other football players that their criminal and destructive behaviors have consequences. We know that Brent didn't mean to kill his friend. That would be asinine for us to believe that but he did make the conscious choice to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. That conscious choice caused the death of a human being.

I believe in tough sentencing for people who drive while intoxicated. I believe in throwing the book at them. Lenient sentences don't send the right message and don't seem to change that destructive behavior. Education and witnessing that destructive behavior obviously didn't deter Brent from driving while intoxicated. Maybe the only message that should be sent is a 20 year jail sentence. Maybe then other football players will take notice.

This is very sad story and has sent another jolt to the NFL. Two weeks in a row the NFL has lost one of their players. This tragic news comes one day before the Cowboys are set to take on the Cincinnati Bengals. I'm not sure how they will find the resolve to play tomorrow. It is an extremely sad time for the football club.

My prayers tonight are with the family of Jerry Brown and my hopes and desires are that other football players and people in general will do the right thing when they are intoxicated. Call a cab in you were planning on driving. Getting behind the wheel of your car after consuming alcohol, prescription medication or narcotics is dangerous. It's not worth the consequences that you will face if you are caught or if you hurt someone.

Update: This was Brent's second offense in three years relating to drunk driving. This is additional evidence that supports my belief that he should receive the maximum sentence. It's obvious that leniency didn't prevent him from driving drunk and didn't prevent him from killing someone. He needs to be off the streets so he doesn't kill anyone else in the future.

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