Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This is @$#*%! Garbage - How Kobe Really Feels

I just finished watching a video of an interview with Kobe Bryant conducted by Stephen A. Smith (Part 1 of the video is at the end of this article). In typical Stephen A. Smith fashion he doesn't mince his words and his questions were pointed and direct.

Kobe does a great job remaining calm throughout the interview but you can tell he's restraining himself and you can tell that he's mad an uncomfortable answering the questions. The interview was painful for this Lakers fan to watch.

Autographed Kobe Bryant Photograph - 16x20 Professional Print Dunkin'While Kobe remained calm I believe I know what he was really thinking when asked about Mike D'Antoni and Dwight Howard. So here's what I think he meant to say when asked about D'Antoni and his system. "The system is @$#*%! garbage and sucks...I don't believe that this clown can adapt and modify his horse @$#*%! system". If that's how Kobe really feels I agree with him 100% but I've mentioned that over and over again in previous articles.

On Dwight Howard I think this is how Kobe really feels. "Dwight is a @$#*%! slacker. He needs to pull his @$#*%! together and he has to do it now...I've never met a bigger piece of @$#*%! than Howard...this was a terrible trade. The guy is disruptive element to this team". As I mentioned above, this is how I believe Kobe feels. These are my words not Kobe's. Again if this is how Kobe feels, I agree with him 100%.

I was against the Howard trade. I thought that Howard would be a disease to this team. I was also against the D'Antoni trade. I thought his system wouldn't work with the roster in place in LA. The biggest issue I have is with hiring D'Antoni. While Howard is a jerk and a slacker, I believe the right coach could have reined him in. You know who I think that coach is. Yep, It's Phil Jackson.

Phil is a master at working with big ego superstars and players with suspect attitudes. He would have been perfect for the job. The Lakers are unraveling at the seams and their head coach is losing it. He's starting to lose his anger with reporters and you can see how strained he is. The guy looks like he's in pain.

You can see the anguish in Kobe's face during his interview. Look at his facial expressions. Look as his body language and you will see how Kobe is really feeling. The guy might be careful of what he's saying but he can't hide how he looks. He looks like he's disgusted with the current state of affairs. He has every right to be disgusted. The product on the court is terrible.

This is one of the toughest seasons that I can remember as a Lakers fan. Lakers fans are generally accustomed to excellence. What we're experiencing is a product that is a failure. We are witnessing a failure from the top all the way to the bottom.

It's not D'Antoni's fault that the Lakers decided to hire him. That doesn't mean that I will refrain from criticizing him. He did accept the job. So he's fair game.

I'm not sure how much more of this Kobe will be able to take. The Lakers are at the Knicks on the 13th and then play the Washington Wizards on the 14th. If the Lakers lose to the Wizards all hell will break loose.

Watch the other videos of Kobe's interview.

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