Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The New York Jets are All About Negative Reinforcement

We all know what positive reinforcement is right? That's when we reward certain behaviors and it usually is in reference to raising children. The New York Jets have a whole different approach to rewarding Mark Sanchez and it's called negative reinforcement.

Rex Ryan announced today that he was going to start Mark Sanchez against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. On paper the Jets should throttle the Jaguars but we're talking about Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has had a terrible year. He threw three interceptions last week in just under three quarters.

Sanchez has become the turnover king. He is ranked 32 out of 34 quarterbacks. Only Matt Cassel and John Skelton have a worse quarterback rating than Sanchez. The guy is a disaster.

Mark Sanchez was benched late in the third quarter of last Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals. His backup Greg McElroy came in and led the Jets to a touchdown that ended up being all the Jets needed to win the game.

Did Rex Ryan reward McElroy for mopping up after Sanchez? Of course not. He rewarded Mark Sanchez for playing poorly. He rewarded Sanchez for stinking up the field. What message does that send Mark Sanchez? It tells him that he doesn't have to improve. It tells him that no matter how awful his performance is, he will get the backing of his head coach.

For his actions and his desire to reward Mark Sanchez for his extremely poor performance on the field Rex Ryan is today's Fool of the Day. I can't think of a better candidate right now. All the evidence is at Ryan's disposal so that he could make the right decision. He decided to disregard that evidence and go with the terrible hand.

Rex Ryan must be thinking that Sanchez can't mess up this game. Ryan is a dolt. Sanchez can and will find a way to mess up. That's what he does. That's what he's shown us this year. There is nothing in Sanchez's body of work this year that leads me or a rational person to think that Sanchez is fit to be the quarterback of the New York Jets.

If Ryan was a rational person he would be rewarding a quarterback for their good performance. That quarterback is McElroy. It's sad that Ryan isn't willing to give anyone else a chance to be quarterback for the Jets. No matter how poorly Sanchez plays, Ryan keeps starting him. That's negative reinforcement my friends. That's negative reinforcement.

Mark Sanhez

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