Monday, December 3, 2012

The Detroit Lions - A Garbage Product On And Off The Field

I've grown to dislike the Detroit Lions. It's not because they were and still are a terrible football team. It's not because they embarrassed themselves with a 0-16 record in 2008. It's not because they've gone 18-38 since then (including their 4-8 record this season). It's because they are a group of thugs and disrespectful men. That disrespect and dirty play starts with Jim Schwartz and filters down to the players. The dirtiest man of all is Ndamuking Suh who has been voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by NFL players two years in a row.

There have been a number of on and off the field issues with the Lions. Players were arrested in the offseason. Suh has had driving related offenses and charges. This is a team of thugs and miscreants. This is a team that seems to disrespect their opponents.

As mentioned above, Suh is the worst of the bunch. He's stomped on an opponent's head and even kicked a player in the groin. The guy continues and continues to act like a barbarian and not a professional football player.

It seems every week a new opponent has harsh words for the dirty player and the dirty Detroit Lions. The latest incident came this past Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. According to Colts player Mike McGlynn after Suh concussed Colts player Winston Justice, Suh was seen dancing, laughing and pointing at the player. That's disgusting and disrespectful but that's what we've come to expect from dirty Suh. Suh is a disgrace to the NFL.

It's not like this team's dirty and boorish behavior on and off the field has helped the Lions to win games. This season they are 4-8. They've had one winning record since 2000. Jim Schwartz has had one winning season as head coach (2010) and that was an anomaly. Schwartz should be fired. He's not only a terrible coach but is the leader of a team of criminals and dirty players.

The Lions have produced a garbage product. They are losers. They are dirty and they have criminals on their team. Like most garbage they are disgusting. They are a laughing stock of the NFL. They are terrible. This cocky group of misfits believed that they were a good team after their 10-6 record in 2011.

That's a joke. This year the Lions proved that 2011 was joke and a fluke. This year the real losing Lions are back and I love it. The best this team can do now is finish 8-8. That's awesome. Hopefully that will mean it's an end of the Schwartz era.

I'm not holding my breath. Detroit ownership is used to failure. They're used to seeing garbage on the field and now they are seeing garbage off it. I think they like that and will stick with the dirty ring leader. I think they will stick with Jim Schwartz.


  1. They need a better coaching staff who will stop tolerating the nonsense. Although, Suh is a jerk. His own teammates are saying it! One thing I disagree with though is saying the entire team are criminals and thugs. It's not fair to throw class people like Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson in with that crowd like a Suh or Titus Young.

  2. R. Bridge welcome to Sportmentary and thanks for your comment. Your comment about no labeling the whole team as criminals is a good one.

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