Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Baseless Criticism of Tebow Must Stop

Article written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
The baseless criticism of Tim Tebow must stop. Tim has been a model professional, teammate and person, yet there are degenerate scumbags who want to bring him down. Last week it was reported that Tebow asked to be left out of the wildcat package. At the time, I found that hard to believe.

Today, Tebow confirmed what I had known all along. He never asked to be left out of the wildcat. While he was upset about not being named the starting quarterback, he was willing to play whatever role was asked of him. I believe Tebow. He has never given us a reason to doubt his character.

There are some members of the media that like to criticize Tebow, even when their criticism is baseless. One such ignoramus is Merril Hoge who went off on a tirade criticizing Tebow. Hoge's ego is inflated. He can be a buffoon at times. I think his antics were for ratings but he should clear the wax in his ears, it's preventing his brain from functioning normally.

I'm sick and tired of people criticizing Tebow for no reason at all. Some of the criticism is just plain garbage and some of the people criticizing him are idiots. Tebow has been jerked around in New York. If the media wants to criticize someone, criticize Rex Ryan and the New York Jets.

I respect Tebow for saying that he's upset that he hasn't been given a chance at being the team's starter. That's how professional athletes feel. They want to compete. There's nothing wrong with that. The problem is with jerks who then report that he asked to be relieved of his playing duties.

That would be totally out of character for Tim Tebow. I believe Tebow. He has the right to be upset that his character was butchered. That's not fair. That's unprofessional reporting. That's incompetent reporting.

I do like Hoge's analysis most of the time but his crazed verbal attack against Tebow is laughable and embarrassing. Hoge was unprofessional and acted like an idiot. Tebow didn't deserve that.

I hope that Tebow gets a chance at being a starter again and I hope he proves all his critics wrong. If there's a guy worth cheering for it's the decent human being named Tim Tebow. There are very few players that possess the character that Tebow possesses. We should all be wishing for his success.

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