Monday, December 17, 2012

Shut Your Mouth Brian Urlacher

After Sunday's loss by the Chicago Bears to arch rival Green Bay Packers, Brian Urlacher lashed out at Bears fans and criticized them for booing the team. He went as far as to say that Bears fans are the only fans in the division booing their team. Has he been to Detroit? Was he at a Vikings game when they played poorly this season?

Shut your mouth Brian Urlacher. Nothing smart is coming out of it. By the way, I doubt that criticizing the team's fans is going to earn Urlacher any brownie points. When he does return from his injury, he better play like an MVP or he'll be booed as well. For his foolish comments, Urlacher is Monday's Fool of the Day.

The people Urlacher is criticizing are paying customers. Their team is putting a terrible product on the field every week. Their team’s playing smells so much that it smells like cow dung. They have every right to voice their displeasure.

Not only did the Bears lose the game on Sunday they lost to the Packers. That's unacceptable to them. I understand how Bears fans feel. I hate the Packers as much as anyone else. When my Vikings lose to Green Bay it's worse than any other loss of the season. If my team lost to the Packers yesterday I would be booing as well. Especially if my team was on a 3 game losing streak. Especially if my team had lost five of the last six games. Especially if they had lost the last two home games.

Brian Urlacher, your team's fans has many reasons to boo your terrible team. They are disgusted at what they are seeing. They are frustrated at the losses that have mounted up. They are upset that they are paying good money to see poor results. They have the right to expect more from the Bears. The only way of showing the team their disapproval is by booing. If you don't like it, you can pick a different profession.

Once again I say to Brian Urlacher. Shut your mouth.

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