Sunday, December 2, 2012

Should there be a Moment of Silence for Belcher?

Update 12/20/2012 12:20 PM: The Chiefs decided not to have a public memorial for Belcher but did decide to have a moment of silence to honor domestic violence victims. That was the right decision.

The tragic events that occurred in Kansas City on Saturday morning are still fresh in our minds. It was a day that saw Jovan Belcher kill his girlfriend, the mother of his child, in front of his own mother. It was a day that then saw him drive to Arrowhead Stadium to thank his coach and GM for their support before taking his own life, with them witnessing the horror.

The question I now have is; should the Chiefs have a moment of silence for him during tomorrow's game? No. I don't want to sound harsh, callous or insensitive but the man killed an innocent person. The man murdered a woman. The man shot his girlfriend numerous times and killed her. That man shouldn't receive a moment of silence. The NFL or an NFL team should not honor a murderer. That would send the wrong message.

I'm not saying that they plan to do that but if they want to honor anyone and have a moment of silence, it should be for the murder victim. It should be for his girlfriend who was murdered in cold blood. The team should honor the victim and her family and they should honor Belcher's family but don't honor Belcher.

His teammates will do that by playing the game. You don't have to make it official. I understand that he was a good teammate to many players on the team. That doesn't make someone a good man. It doesn't.

This has been a tough article for me to write. While I want to respect those whose lives were taken, even the murderer, I think his murder victim deserves our sympathy. She didn't deserve to have her life taken in this manner.

Honoring Belcher in any way, shape or form would be to disrespect his fallen girlfriend. I believe it would make a mockery of her murder.

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