Friday, December 21, 2012

Should Michael Vick Be Given Another Chance To Be An NFL Starting QB?

Written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
Michael Vick believes that he should be a starting quarterback (QB) in the NFL. He believes he should be given that chance. He believes he has the talent and that his body of work the past few years backs that up. Does it really? Should he be given another chance to lead an NFL team? I don't think so.

Signed Michael Vick Picture - Authentic 16x20 JsaSportmentary thinks that Vick's body of work speaks volumes. It speaks for itself and it shows that Vick doesn't deserve that chance. I'll present stats later and I believe they will prove my case. The major reason that I wouldn't sign Vick as my starter is that the guy is injury prone. Vick has started only nine games for the Philadelphia Eagles this year. His last game was against the Dallas Cowboys on November 11th. He isn't expected to start in the final two weeks of the season.

Vick's injury this year was a concussion. The guy's head is mush as evidenced by his long recovery. I wouldn't take my chances on a concussion prone mush headed QB. I know that's harsh but that's my reality. I think Vick should retire before he sustains a career ending or life altering injury.

Last year, Vick was injured as well. He played 13 games. That means he missed three out of 16 games. That's unacceptable. The guy is being paid millions of dollars to sit on the sidelines. What concerns me is that Vick's playing style as a scrambling and running QB lends itself to injuries.

The other concern is his poor playing the past two seasons. I think it's obvious that Vick hasn't worked on becoming a traditional style QB. He hasn't worked on his mechanics. He's a scrambler and he always will be. As far as Vick's statistics are concerned, in 2011 Vick had a QB rating (QBR) of 64.37. That's atrocious. The Eagles should expect more out of the highly paid QB.

In 2011, Vick threw 18 touchdowns (TDs) but also threw 14 Interceptions (INTs). That's just not good enough. Vick must be looking at another QB when saying that his body of work dictates that he should be a starting QB.

Vick's QBR this year is actually worse than last year. This year, his QBR is 47.5. This year Vick has thrown 11 TDs and 9 INTs. As expected, that's worse than last year. Vick is regressing and not improving at all.

I think that Vick's statistics prove that he's should be a backup QB and not a starter. I think it's a huge gamble for any team to take a chance on signing Vick to a lucrative contract. He's too much of a liability. He is injury prone and also doesn't get the job done.

Vick isn't getting any younger. It's too late for him to work on his skill set and as he ages, he won't be as good a scrambler as he was in the past. Then what? What would you do as a GM if you signed Vick to a lucrative contract that had lots of guaranteed money attached to it and he was injured seriously. You wouldn't even be able to trade the guy.

I shouldn't lay all the blame on Vick. He hasn't had much help Philly. He's always under pressure and sometimes he just panicked or tried to do too much. There are no guarantees that he won't face the same sort of issues elsewhere.

If reports of him being pursued by the Jets are true, he will face the same issues as he's faced in Philadelphia. That doesn't bode well for Vick.

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