Sunday, December 2, 2012

Saturday December 1st Was a Sad Day in Sports

I can't remember a day in sports that had that many sad stories than Saturday December 1st, 2012. There were three sad stories. Two of the stories were tragic and one of them unthinkable. As we try to look past Saturday, we will be asking many questions about how we can prevent a tragedy like Belcher’s from happening again. As a sports fan I'm happy to move forward. I hope the sports world doesn't encounter a day like this again.

The Stories:
1) Rick Majerus passes away - Passionate and "basketball-obsessed" coach Rick Majerus passed away on Saturday from heart failure. Rick coached a number of teams, most notably the Utah Utes who he led to the 1998 NCAA title game and most recently at Saint Louis University. While Majerus could be tough at times, most of his players have fond memories of the man. He got the most of his players. Majerus battled heart issues for over two decades. He will be missed.

2) Jovan Belcher - I don't want to spend too much time talking about this story as I wrote two articles about it yesterday. Jovan killed his girlfriend who was the mother of his child while his own mother watched. He then killed himself in front of coach Romeo Crennel and GM Scott Pioli. I can't remember another sports story like this.

3) A Cleveland Browns grounds crew employee took his life at the team's practice facility. You can add this to the bizarre incidents that occurred yesterday. This is a sad story and another tough incident for an NFL team to deal with.

All in all Saturday was a day we would all like to forget. As far as Belcher is concerned we can move forward but I doubt we will forget about. I don't think we can forget about it. We have to learn from it.

We will fondly remember Majerus. Those of us who are passionate about sports can learn a lot from the basketball life of the coach.

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