Monday, December 24, 2012

Sacramento Kings Sending the Wrong Message

After the Kings game on Friday, they suspended DeMarcus Cousins indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team. For his behavior, DeMarcus was our Fool of the Day on December 22nd. DeMarcus deserved to be suspended. His behavior was atrocious and it wasn't the first or second time that he was suspended because of his conduct.

I was hoping that the Kings would make the suspension a lengthy one. I should have known better. We're talking about the NBA. The Kings lifted the ban after one game. I believe that the Kings are sending the wrong message. What's preventing the malcontent dolt from acting like a buffoon again? Absolutely nothing.

The suspension was weak and meaninglessness. Cousins is free to act like a clown again. He knows he can act like a scumbag and be insubordinate  He can continue not to listen to his coaches  He can continue to yell at his superiors. He knows the Kings will not do anything about it. Sure, he might receive a wimpy two game ban but that's about it.

For the Kings weak and lame suspension they are Monday's Fool of the Day. I'm disgusted that they would cave in like this. I'm disgusted that they would be pushed around like this but most of all I'm disgusted that DeMarcus can get away with mistreating his coach.

I don't know what happened behind closed doors. Maybe they demanded that he seek out counseling and professional help. I doubt that's the case but DeMArcus needs an intervention. I don't think he should be on a basketball court until he changes his attitude. I think a mental health professional should have to agree that his behavior has changed.

Worst of all, the Kings have done DeMarcus a disservice. He needs help. He needs tough love. The team should have sent him a strong and tough message. That message should have been that he would receive a lengthy suspension until his attitude changed. The Kings didn't do that. Shame on them.

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