Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rex Ryan is Scared that Tebow Would Be Succesful

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It seems as if I write an article every day about Rex Ryan. It also seems as if Rex Ryan is Sportmentary's Fool of the Day every day. Today isn't any different. Rex Ryan is Thursday's Fool of the Day for his decision to start the NFL's worst quarterback, Mark Sanchez over Tim Tebow on Sunday.

New York Jets fans have made their opinions clear. They don't want Sanchez to start any more games for the club. Sanchez has been terrible. He's made rookie type mistakes. He's not a good quarterback. Greg McElroy has a concussion and can't start. Logic would dictate that Tim Tebow would start the game.

Rex Ryan says that he will do what's best for the team. That's garbage. That's complete and utter bunk. Rex Ryan is afraid that Tim Tebow would do well and be successful. Then all Ryan's critics could tell him we told you so.

Rex Ryan knows that Tebow gives the Jets the best chance of winning. A competent and good coach would start Tebow. A bum of a coach wouldn't. Ryan must hate Tebow. He must want to screw with his mind game after game. He's already treated Tebow like garbage.

The sad thing is that Jets fans play good money. Rex Ryan is allowing the Jets to take the money and run while placing an incompetent product on the field. It would be common sense to give the fans what they want in the last game of the season. The Jets have nothing but pride to lose.

I guess the Rex Ryan doesn't care about his team's pride. If he did he wouldn't start Sanchez. Sanchez has annoyed his teammates and embarrassed the organizing this year. His mistakes aren't only bad they are those of an amateur of a person who isn't capable of being an NFL quarterback.

If Rex Ryan is too stupid and foolish to recognize that, he shouldn't be an NFL head coach. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Rex Ryan should be fired at season's end. He is disaster. He is a joke. He is an embarrassment to the Jets and he's a loud mouth buffoon.

Most of all, Rex Ryan is scared that Tebow will prove him wrong and he has such a big ego that he can't allow that to happen. Instead he's willing to rip off New York Jets ticket holders. He's willing to snub the people who pay good money to see a lousy product. Shame on Rex Ryan. Shame on today's Fool of the Day.

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