Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rex Ryan is as Stubborn as a Mule

Rex Ryan is as stubborn as a mule and I think that his stubbornness and idiotic coaching should get him fired. He doesn't deserve to be the head coach of the New York Jets next season. He's incompetent and a disaster.

I think that Rex has been stubborn in a number of areas but it's his dealing with the Quarterback (QB) position that has done him in. Today Rex started Greg McElroy. Mark Sanchez deserved to be benched for today's game. His play has been terrible.  Why didn't Rex give Tim Tebow a chance? The team can't make the playoffs. I think it's because Rex is stubborn and if Tebow had a good game, he would have to admit that he's a buffoon, idiot and incompetent coach.

Then today as McElroy struggled to move the offense and score points, Rex didn't give Tebow a chance. He would rather see an incompetent product on the field than admit he was wrong. I think Jets fans deserve much better from Ryan. They pay good money to see a garbage product. They get to see Rex be a stubborn mule. That's not good enough.

For Rex's continued stubbornness and incompetent coaching Rex is today's Fool of the Day. On Sunday the Jets lost to the Chargers at home. That's not good enough. That's complete and utter failure. The biggest failure is Rex Ryan and he should have to take the fall for the terrible product that takes the field week in and week out.

Rex has also led a team that has acted like clowns in the public and with the media. The team is a joke and a laughing stock. The person who should take the blame for this nonsense and embarrassment is Rex Ryan. He is a failure. Failures shouldn't be rewarded with being a head coach of the Jets. It's time for the team to go in a new direction.

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