Thursday, December 6, 2012

Question for Mark Sanchez; Do You Think?

Mark Sanchez says that he thinks that Rex Ryan was sending him a message by benching him during last Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals. Do you think? I don't think the guy does think. This shows how out of touch and clueless he is about his atrocious playing this season. These comments earn Sanchez today's Fool of the Day.

After throwing three interceptions and unable to move the ball, Ryan benched Sanchez late in the third quarter in favor of Greg McElroy. McElroy then led the Jets on a touchdown drive that proved to be the game winner.

Sanchez hasn't just played poorly this year, his play has been garbage. It hasn't been worthy of a starting quarterback in the NFL. Sanchez is ranked 32nd out 34 quarterbacks. If I didn't dislike the Jets I would be crying. Since I'm not I'm laughing.

Note to Mark: Yes Rex was sending you a message. He was telling you that you're a terrible quarterback.

Maybe I shouldn't be so tough on the guy. Rex Ryan continuously starts this guy even though he's been terrible. Mark doesn't know when to take Ryan seriously. Even after being benched last week and having his backup mopping up after him, he will still get the start this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Maybe we shouldn't blame Mark for stating the obvious that Ryan was sending him a message. Will Mark's play improve now that he's heard the message? Of course not. The guy sucks and that's all there is to it. I call him Sansucks for a reason.

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