Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mike You Wanted Us to Play Like The New York Knicks But We Played Like The Washington Wizards

Prior to night’s game against the New Knicks Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said that he would be happy with his team playing like the Knicks. Hello. Mike, your LA Lakers have played like the Washington Wizards the past two games.

The Lakers were coming off one of the team’s most embarrassing losses in recent memory when they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Tonight’s game against the Knicks was a great opportunity to rebound from that loss by defeating one of the top teams in the NBA. That didn't happen.

The Lakers lost to the Knicks by a score of 116 to 107 for their fourth consecutive loss. The Lakers have lost seven of their past ten games. Things have gone from poor to dire to desperate to pathetic in a short period of time. It’s an understatement to say that this season has been a huge disappointment for the franchise and their fans.

The Lakers scored more than 100 points but that wasn’t enough to get them the victory. Once again their defense was razor thin and let them down. Mike D’Antoni claims that his system doesn’t disregard defense. That’s a bunch of cow dung.

Who does D’Antoni think he’s kidding? Very few people other than possibly the Lakers Front office are buying that rotten bill of goods. I believe it’s fair to hammer away at D’Antoni and ask why defense isn’t a priority now. The Lakers should be spending the majority of their practices working on defense. It’s clear that they can score lots of points. It’s painfully obvious that the Lakers are also giving up a lot of points.

This poor playing isn’t acceptable to Lakers fans like me. The Lakers are five games below 500. The season is slipping away. There’s no room for error. D’Antoni’s system is not the right fit for this team. Steve Nash isn’t expected to return for another two weeks. By that time the Lakers could be in even worse shape.

It’s not impossible for the Lakers to turn things around but time is slipping away from them to do that. There is nothing that I’ve seen that leads me to believe that the Lakers have the ability to prevent their ship from sinking any further.

The Lakers can take the first step of turning this season around when they face the Washington Wizards on Friday night. If they fail to win that game, I think that Kobe will explode. There’s so much that he can take. There’s only so much that he can keep bottled up.

I have a final parting shot for D’Antoni. The Lakers didn’t hire you to be like the Knicks. They hired you for your system. I guess you don’t have much faith in your system either.

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