Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pay Attention Lance Briggs

Lance Briggs became the second player to bad mouth the Chicago Bears this week. Earlier in the week Brian Urlacher did that. Now Lance decided to jump on the "I hate my team's fans" bandwagon (not really his quote). Briggs claims that Chicago Bears fans boo the team more than any other team's fans.

What planet has Briggs been living on? Is he on something? If the answer to those two questions is no, then Briggs is a dingbat and that's being kind. For his comments, Briggs is today's Fool of the Day. Congratulations you fool. It takes a real smart ass to make this list.

Maybe Briggs should pay more attention to football and less time sticking his head up his tuchus. Has this ding dong ever been to New York, Kansas City, Minnesota, etc, etc, etc. Every team's fans at some time or another boo their teams. If their team is as pathetic and incompetent as the Bears, they will hear more boos. There's not a chance that Chicago comes close to how Jets fans have voiced their disapproval of the team's playing this year.

The Bears have put an amateur product on the field at times this year. Bears fans pay good money to see their team play. They should have the opportunity of seeing a good product and if they don't, they should be able to boo.

I guess Briggs wasn't in Minnesota when Vikings fans chanted fire Childress during the last stretch of games that he coached the team. I guess he never heard the boos at Mall of America Field last year either. I guess he's been living under a rock. Maybe that's why his playing has sucked. The linebacker is ranked 47th in tackles and 196th in sacks.

I think the fans have a right to boo the team, especially with underachievers like Briggs on the team. I think it's disrespectful and idiotic for players to rip their fans for voicing their displeasure about their team's poor playing. I hope the next time Briggs hits the playing field that the fans give him the reception he deserves. I hope he's booed every time he steps on to the field.

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