Friday, December 7, 2012

Patriots Called Disrespectful For Running Successful Play Against Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins player Tony McDaniel or soon to be a Tiddlywinks player stated that he's upset that the New England Patriots continued to run the same successful play over and over again. This sissy said that it was "disrespectful". Ha ha ha ha. He's kidding isn't he? Nope. He's serious.

The NFL isn't about providing charity plays to inept competitors. So the New England Patriots who were only up 20-16 before running the same play consistently were supposed to just take a knee and give the ball back to the Dolphins. That's beyond idiotic. I don't have the words to describe how stupid McDaniel is.

As a defense the Dolphins should have stopped the Patriots. The Patriots ran the ball on 13 out of 16 plays on the drive mentioned above that led to a field goal. The three points earned on that field goal were critical to the outcome of the game. Was New England supposed to try and lose?

It makes sense that if a team is successful running a particular play and the defense can't stop them then they will run the play over and over again until the defense shows that it can stop it. If the Patriots stopped running the play for fear that they were hurting the poor Dolphins feelings that would be detrimental to the game and against competitive play.

If McDaniel is so upset about this he should join the flag football league. He doesn't deserve to be a professional football player. Tony is a sham. He is a loser. He is a failure. His statements would normally earn him a spot on our Fool of the Day list but that has already been filled. Besides, McDaniel makes fools look brilliant compared to him.

This was a situation where McDaniel should have kept quiet. A smart person wouldn't have publicly made those comments. They key here is a smart person wouldn't have. McDaniel is obviously not that bright. I'm still shaking my head. This guy should play Tiddlywinks and not football. The guy is a joke.

I can't believe I just read about an NFL player who is calling a team disrespectful for being successful and for running a play successfully. What were the Patriots supposed to do? Were they supposed to waive a white flag? Next time McDaniel feels that a team is taking advantage of him by being successful he should tell his teammates to give up and forfeit the game.

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