Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pacquiao Destroyed With Two Seconds Left In Sixth Round

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After knocking down Juan Manuel Marquez in the 5th round, Manny Pacquiao started the sixth round by breaking the nose of Marquez. Blood was pouring out of Marquez's nose. Manny kept up the pressure and just as the round was ending...POW. That was it. Manny went down head first in stunning fashion.

Juan Manuel Marquez Boxing Wbc Signed 8X10Pacquiao vs. Marquez was a stunner. The fans got their knockout but it wasn't Manny. It was Marquez. Those people covering the fight say that it was a great 6 round fight. It was back and forth. Back and forth. Manny had been knocked down earlier in the fight.

The crazy thing is that Manny was starting to take control of the fight. He had hurt Marquez. The round was ending. The round was ending. Then Boom. Then Boom. Then Boom it was over in a flash. It was over in dramatic fashion.

The career of Manny might have come to an end tonight just as dramatically as this fight ended. A fight with Mayweather doesn't seem as big of a draw now does it? This is stunning. This is shocking. It's not shocking that Manny lost. It's shocking how it ended. He was taking control of this match. This is crazy. This is unbelievable.

Maybe Manny's career isn't over. Maybe he can come back but it has to be a huge blow. There was so much on the line in this fight. There was so much risk. Fans wanted a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. The risk of losing this fight for Manny is that the excitement for that fight could now decrease.

Manny has to be heartbroken over this loss. How will he explain it? I can explain it by saying that he fought a beast. He fought a great fighter. You can't ever let your guard down, even when there's only two seconds left in the round.

Marquez deserves a lot of credit. He had been hurt. It looked like it was over for him. He didn't let that stop him. In a flash Marquez landed a punch heard and felt around the world. POW! It was done. It was over. Marquez was victorious.

Will we ever see a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao now? I don't think so but maybe we should be asking if we will see Pacquiao vs. Marquez 5? I hope so. Could you imagine the excitement and anticipation leading up to that fight?

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