Friday, December 14, 2012

Note To NHLPA: I Dissolve Any Respect I Ever Had For You

Update: 12/14/2012 9:45 PM The NHL has filed a class action suit against the NHLPA claiming unfair labor practices. I agree with this move. I believe that the players are threatening to dissolve the union as a a ploy or threat against the NHL.

The NHLPA has made another move sure to turn off the NHL's fan base.  The NHLPA is seeking to have the power to dissolve the union. If the union membership does vote grant that power, the executive board will have the authority to dissolve the union. If they do dissolve, that will pave the way for an antitrust lawsuit to be filed against the NHL.

Note to the NHLPA: I dissolve any respect that I ever had for you. I want to dissolve any positive thoughts about you and your membership. I think you are a bunch of overpaid dumb punks. I hope that you lose this war. I hope your financial position is greatly harmed.

I believe that it is a poor public relations move that will backfire. Why do I think that this move will backfire? The NHL has been prepared for this move for months. They've planned for it. Their legal team has planned for it. They've negotiated in expectation of this move. If they were worried that they would lose, they would have agreed to one of the NHLPA's garbage proposals months ago.

This is a risky move for the NHLPA. If they lose in court, they will have extended the lockout unnecessarily and the fan base which is split in favor of either the players or the owners will be in full support of the owners. The players bargaining power will have been greatly reduced as well when they decide to unionize again.

I'm not an expert in these things but I believe that this attempt to grant the executive board the right to dissolve the union is further evidence that the NHLPA never negotiated in good faith. Many people will believe that the players planned to do this all along and just played games all along.

This move wasn't unexpected by the people involved with covering this charade known as the lockout but I believe that they didn’t want this to happen. Why do I think that they didn’t want this to happen? The main reason is that the lockout is sure to drag on for a long time if the union does dissolve. It will also create more animosity between the players and the league.

The league will actually have no union to bargain with and will only be reacting to an antitrust lawsuit. That process will be even more acrimonious and adversarial than the lockout has been up until now. The anger and hatred will be at an all-time high and fans that are already angry will become irate. The financial losses will continue to mount for both sides.

This might be a move to try and put pressure on the NHL to accept the NHLPA's demands. The league will not do that. I think that the NHL’s position will be strengthened and I do believe that they will emerge victorious in court.

If fans think that this lockout is a mess already just wait until the NHLPA dissolves. Fans are clinging on to the hope that some sort of season is still possible. Announcing this move now will prove to the fans that the NHLPA has no intention of trying to find a way to ink a deal. The fans will now believe that the NHLPA is just working towards dissolving itself.

That's why it's a terrible move. If it was me, I would have waited until the league canceled the season. Then I would have announced this move. I would then state that the union had no choice but to take this step. Taking the move to have the vote by the union's membership now, shows NHL fans that the NHLPA is planning for failure. 

It sure looks like the NHLPA isn't and has never negotiated in good faith. It makes it look like this was their plan all along. This annoys me. Any part of me that might have supported these lazy misfits in the past, now fully supports the owners. I hope the owners crush the players. I hope they make the players pay a huge financial cost of taking this move.

I'm so angry and as stated above I have now dissolved any respect I've ever had for the players. This whole process has been disgusting. I think the players are to blame for where we are at in this lockout.

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