Sunday, December 16, 2012

NFL Recap Week 15 - Parity in the NFL? Even the Cardinals Can Win!

I'm amazed at how hard it is to predict the outcome of games from week to week in the NFL. Just when I think that I have it figured out, I look like an amateur. It's getting so hard to predict who will win. I really thought that the awful Lions would beat the embarrassing Cardinals. Embarrassing is an understatement. Arizona had scored 6 points in their prior two games. Today they beat the Lions 38-10.

Below is our unique version of the weekly NFL recap.

Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles
Cincinnati - We're in the hunt...for Eagles that is.
Philadelphia - The Eagles have landed? No. The Eagles have crashed.

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders
Kansas City - We only have two miserable games left. We only have two games left.
Oakland Raiders - I thought we played in the NFL. How is it that we just played a Pop Warner team.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh - Defense? What defense?
Dallas - Jerry's happy baby. Jerry's happy.

Carolina Panthers at San Diego Chargers
Carolina - Anyone doubting Cam now?
San Diego - We suck!

Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals
Detroit - How do you lose to the Cardinals? How? Looks like last year’s Kittens were a fluke. The real Kittens showed up this year. Meow!
Arizona - Can you believe we won? We thank the Lions for handing us this one. We needed a win. Thanks for the charity guys.

Seattle Seahawks at Buffalo Bills
Seattle - 50 is out magic number baby. We love that number.
Buffalo - Canada wasn't any better to us than Buffalo.

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans
Indianapolis - See what happens when we play a good team?
Houston - It was really nice playing the Colts after last week's blowout to the Patriots.

Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens
Denver Broncos - We keep on winning! We keep on winning.
Baltimore - They can fire our OC but do you really think that changes anything? You see how we played today?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints
Tampa - We're not really good Pirates are we?
New Orleans - That's how to do it Drew. Too bad it's too late for it to mean anything.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins
Jacksonville - Does the NFL hate us? We asked the league if we could have a 14 game season. They denied our request.
Miami - The Jaguars can make any team look great. They showed that today.

Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams
Minnesota - All Day. Every day. All Day long. AP! AP! AP for MVP!
St. Louis - How do you stop that guy named AP?

Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns
Washington - We're in the hunt. We're in the hunt.
Cleveland - When's the NFL draft?

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears
Green Bay - Hey Brandon Marshall how do you feel now? Did you see the scoreboard? You lost.
Chicago - Maybe we should shut our mouths and play some football.

New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons
New York Giants - So our guy Eli Manning is Mr. December? Not this year. He's 1-3 so far in December.
Atlanta - Any doubters? We kicked the tar out of the Giants. They're not so giant now are they.

San Francisco 49ers at New England Patriots
San Francisco - Sure they came back from 28 points down. We were just playing with them. We thought Sunday Night Football wanted a close game.
New England - We stormed back from 28 down and then played like cr*p.

New York Jets at Tennessee Titans
New York - Come on coach, don't you think you should take me out now? I've thrown 4 INTs...Fumble!
Tennessee - Gotta love that fumble. A Win is a Win!

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