Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ndamukong Suhks

I know that this article will not be popular with many sports fans. Then again there are a lot of Lions haters and Ndamukong Suh haters. Ndamukong Suhks. Yes he sucks. You are probably saying that he's a  good player but just a rotten dirty thug. Yes he is a rotten dirty thug and he sucks.

I believe that when a player's actions hurt their team that detracts from their talents or what they have done right. When a player takes personal fouls that give their opponent 15 yards and an automatic first downs it hurts their team. When a player is suspended it hurts their team. When a player intentionally tries to hurt his opponent it hurts their team. When a player brings unwanted media scrutiny to his team it hurts the team.

Autographed Ndamukong Suh Photograph - 8x10Suh is that player who hurts his team. He is talented and makes good plays. He is dominant in his position at times. That's all well and good but his dirty playing hurts his team. I think he's a liability. I don't think he's worth the trouble. The Lions don't know from day to day, game to game or play to play when he's going to hurt his team.

I think that Suh is one play away from seriously injuring an opponent due to his dirty playing. That will lead to a suspension. The league is just waiting to pounce on this thug. They are waiting to suspend this dirty player. He doesn't seem to care and his team doesn't seem to care either. They allow this disgusting player to get away with this destructive behavior.

Suh's coach Jim Schwartz allows Suh to continue to be a thug. There doesn't seem to be any accountability for Schawrtz's players including Suh. If a player knows that their dirty play is supported by his coach or he knows that the coach doesn't care enough to discipline him, why would he change his behavior?

In tonight's snowball against the Green Bay Packers, Suh took a personal foul penalty for taking multiple steps before pushing Aaron Rodgers to the ground. It was a stupid penalty. It is representative of how Suh plays the game. It hurt his team and gave an automatic first down to the Packers. For this idiotic penalty, Suh is today's Fool of the Day.

For the reasons mentioned above, I think Suh sucks. His dirty playing and dirty behavior hurts his team. Great players know better. Good players know better. Players that suck don't know any better or don't care.

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