Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Pessimism Concerning the NHL Lockout Continues

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The NHL presented a new (modified) proposal to the NHLPA. Basically the only difference to the last proposal is that the NHL increased the maximum contract length from five to six years. It seems as if some hockey experts in the media are optimistic once again.

I'm not falling for that optimism again. Both the NHL and NHLPA have shown a mutual disrespect for each other, the process and the fans for the past few months. They haven't shown me that they have the capacity to negotiate in good faith.

I'm afraid that I still have pessimism regarding the lockout and a possible solution to this mess. I believe that once again we're seeing smoke and mirrors and not a realistic chance of conclusion to the lockout. I wish I could have a glimmer of hope that this round of will have a different result from the other rounds.

I've fallen into the optimism trap before, only to be disappointed that a deal was not reached. I will not believe that a deal is possible until it is voted upon by the players. I don't trust either side. In fact I've been disgusted by their actions and behavior.

Instead of acting like professionals they've acted like babies. They've been void of common sense. The NHL fan has been disregarded during this process. In most businesses the customer is respected and treated well. The NHL fan has not been respected and treated well. They have been taken for granted. That is a shame. That is wrong.

I would love it if the NHL and NHLPA agreed to a new contract. I would be happy if NHL games resumed in the New Year. I just don't believe that it will happen. I think we're in this for the long haul.

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