Saturday, December 22, 2012

Meow, Meow, Meow and Meow

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What do I think of the 4-11 Detroit Lions? Meow, Meow, Meow and Meow. Yes, I think they play more like Kittens than Lions. The Lions lost to the NFC's top dogs, the Atlanta Falcons. Sure Mathew Stafford threw the ball more than 50 times. Sure Calvin Johnson had a mega night and broke Jerry Rice's single season receiving record but the Lions lost 31-18.

I agree with Jon Gruden (On Saturday Night's Monday Night Football) that Johnson got a lot of yardage in garbage time this year. That's not to take away from Megatron's record but Jerry Rice set the record while on a winning team that was leading most games and didn't have to throw in garbage time.

Jerry Rice also scored touchdowns (TDs). TDs win games. In 1995 when Jerry Rice set the receiving record, he scored 15 TDs. This year Johnson has five TDs with one game left. I think that I would rather take Rice, a guy who knew how to win games, score, TDs and do the big things.

Mathew Stafford can throw the ball down the field and throw to Johnson but once they're in the red zone, the kitten inside the offense comes out. Tonight Stafford threw for 443 yards but had no TDs. He did throw an interception.

Who cares if you can move the ball down the field at will and then sputter once you're in the red zone? That doesn't win games. It's all about winning. Sure Johnson is a great receiver who piles up the reception yards but if he's not scoring who cares? If the Lions aren't scoring who cares?

The Lions offense moves the ball down the field like Lions but acts like kittens when it counts. Their record proves that. I don't see the Lions acting like their name next year or the year after. I think that they have tough decisions to make with their free agents.

This should have been a year where the Lions were going to make their move in the playoffs. Instead the Lions took a step backwards and aren't much better than their 0-16 season in 2008. This team is acting much more like the Lions that we're used to.

The only record that the Lions should be focused on is their win loss record. Once they've mastered that, they can then spend time trying to break individual records.

When I think of the Lions, I think of kittens going meow, meow, meow and meow.

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