Friday, December 7, 2012

Mega Fight - Two Caddies Get Into Brawl

Is golf a contact sport? Not in any way, shape, or from. It is it dangerous being a caddie? I didn't think so. Matt Kelly and Greg Buchanan just embarrassed themselves and the sport of golf by getting into a brawl at the Australian Open. For their idiotic behavior these two guys are Today's Fools of the Day.

If you are a UFC or boxing fan you missed a mega fight. While these two losers aren't professional fighters they sure took some swings at each other. Matt Kelly had to leave the course to clean off the blood on his face from a cut above his lip that he suffered in the fight.

If you're a WWE fan you might have liked the fight as well. These two guys were seen wrestling on the ground after they took swings at each other. Maybe they were just making up and felt bad for what had just happened. Maybe they were just frolicking. Nah. These guys were really going at it.

These caddies should be ashamed of themselves. This isn't the type of conduct that you would expect from a sport known for its gentlemanly demeanor and approach to the game. The PGA and PGA of Australia need to ban these guys. Maybe a two year ban would send the message that acting like heavy weight boxers and UFC participants will not be tolerated by the sport.

When I first read about the story I was laughing but this really isn't funny is it? Who am I kidding? It's hilarious. Two Caddies fighting with each other? That's hilarious. That's ridiculous. That is worthy of being the Fool of the Day.

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