Thursday, December 27, 2012

I've Changed My Mind About Leslie Frazier

Written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
I might have been wrong about Leslie Frazier. Last year I criticized the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. I thought that he mismanaged games and also looked confused in many of them. Some if his decisions were terrible, some of his challenges should never have occurred.

I should have given him a break. He was a rookie coach who inherited a mess from former Vikings coach Brad Childress. The Vikings finished the 2011 NFL season with a 3-13 record. This year with one game remaining the Vikings are 9-6. They will make the playoffs with a victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

If I was criticizing him for the mess last year, he deserves praise for the turnaround this year. All phases of the Vikings have improved. While both the offense and defense are works in progress they have improved dramatically. They now give the team a chance to win every week.

Frazier is a defensive expert. We should expect greater improvement in the years that lay ahead. That's why I believe that he should get a contract extension. It would be a shame not to give him a chance. If the Vikings were to lose on Sunday they would finish 2012 at 9-7. That would be 12-20 over two years.

I personally discount the first campaign of an incoming coach who inherits a bad team. Let's not forget that the Vikings had a terrible season prior to Frazier taking over as head coach. I think the amazing turnaround this year is proof that Frazier has the ability to lead the Vikings to success.

I thought that the Vikings would only win 6 games this year. I believe that most Vikings fans believed that this team would be much worse than what they've been. Frazier has done a remarkable job. The most encouraging thing for me is that Leslie seems in control of his team. He seems to understand the nuances of what's happening on the field.

Does that mean that Leslie is where he should be? No. He has to improve but which head coach doesn't. I think we've got a glimpse at what Leslie is capable of. I look forward to the future and what Leslie will bring to the table. I think we are about to enter a fun period in Vikings history.

 I sure hope that the Vikings give Frazier an extension. Vikings fans deserve to take a ride with Leslie Frazier. The coach is finally getting into a groove. Let's see where this journey takes us.


  1. A bears fan back in Leslie's playing days, I always hoped for him to do well. I still think he has to open up the offense some more, but respect his philosophy. Defense first - Ball control with the leagues best running back, and slowly brining along a QB who is long on talent and short on experience. This team has far exceeded by expectations - and now I actually expect to do very well against the Packers, and really believe we can make the playoffs. Childress left this team in shambles, still I blame management even more. The team was decimated by our passion for old QB's past their prime. While we had one good year form Farve... the team crumbled around his contract and draft choices. McNabb was simply like borrowing money after losing your grub stake going all in on a bad bet the last hand. This season we accomplished much - next year will be better still.

  2. Great comment JM. I hoep you had a gread holiday weekend!

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