Monday, December 3, 2012

Is Vick Done in Philadelphia?

Michael Vick has lost his starting job for the rest of the season. It doesn't matter if he's cleared to play. He will sit on the bench and make it warm for other players. Nick Foles has been named the starting QB by Andy Reid.

This isn't a surprise. While Vick has missed a number of games due to concussion, it was inevitable that Reid would go to Foles as the starter. Michael Vick has had a terrible year. He's thrown almost as many interceptions (9) as he's thrown touchdowns (11). Vick hasn't got the job done. He's ranked among the bottom of the league in quarterback rating (79.2) and he took sack after sack after sack.

Michael Vick Signed Photo - 8x10Nick Foles hasn't had as much trouble as Vick avoiding sacks and he seems to do a better job moving the team down field. With Vick being benched for the remainder of the season it's fair to ask if he's done in Philly.

I think he is. He's had a poor two years (since signing a lucrative contract) and he hasn't matured into the type of quarterback that someone with his experience should have. He still wants to scramble around and try to do too much.

A successful quarterback in the NFL has to be able to pass the football effectively. He just has to. I don't think that the Eagles will want to take any more chances with Vick. Financially it just doesn't make sense. I think they will release him after the season and avoid paying him millions of dollars.

Vick's salary will be 15.5 million dollars next year. According to, only three million is currently guaranteed but if Vick were to remain on the roster on the second day of the waiver period that three million would become fully guaranteed. I don't see the Eagles taking that kind of a risk.

The second question I have is this; Will another NFL team take a chance on Vick? There's always a team that is a sucker for punishment. There's always a team that is desperate enough to take that chance.

If I was an NFL team would I take that chance? I would only take that chance if Vick would accept a lot less than he's earning now. I would also want his contract to be performance based. That is the only way I would take that risk.

I think that if Vick had to work hard to improve his skills and he had to earn his salary, a team might get a lot out of him. If he earns guaranteed money there is very little incentive for Vick to improve his craft. I can't believe we're still talking about Vick improving his craft. It's too late. He's damaged goods.

As far as being damaged goods, a new team would have to take into consideration that Michael Vick seems injury prone. I believe that a lot of his injuries are due to Vick wanting to do too much and him being a scrambling quarterback. If Vick had learned to do well in the pocket and learned to be a passing quarterback, he might have limited his injuries.

I believe that Vick is done in Philadelphia. I also think he will get another chance. There are many teams (Arizona) that needs a quarterback. I wonder if Larry Fitzgerald will lobby for Vick.

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  1. The Viking fans are lobbying for a new QB, but with the Michael Vick saga, you need to also look at The Jets and Minnesota - perhaps Washington as well. These three teams have great athletic QB's Jets and Vikings have him sitting on the bench - their great running skills are seen as a potential injury hazard and both teams determined that they want/need a traditional NFL pocket passer. Vikings are frustrated with a young QB with potential, Jets grabbed Tebow in trade. Bronco's can hardly be faulted for switching to P. Manning, Tebow had successful starting credentials, but is buried on the bench. RGIII, has taken some big hits - great skills but the line is to question "can he stay healthy?" Vick has been mostly healthy, has skills but with age and a buildup of minor injuries doesn't bounce back from the big hit quickly anymore. I wouldn't go Vick as a starter - wouldn't give up depth at LB or DB to pay his salary - but he could be very effective if he were willing to come off the bench and to do specialty plays. It's an idea tried before, not often very effective as egos come into play.

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