Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is Michael Vick a Good Fit for the Jets?

With the New York Jets reeling after their pathetic loss to the Tennessee Titans, I wonder where they turn to now as far as the quarterback position is concerned. Mark Sanchez had another terrible game. It was another embarrassing performance to add to his poor resume. Now Greg McElroy gets the start this Sunday against the San Diego Chargers.

There are reports that the Jets will trade Mark Sanchez in the offseason. It also looks like Tim Tebow will be suiting up for a new team next year. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I don't think that Greg McElroy is the Jets quarterback of the future (QB). So what's the answer for the Jets?

Will Michael Vick come to the rescue? He would fit in well with the Jets. His mechanics suck just like every other Jets QB in the past decade. It doesn't look like those mechanics will improve. The Jets are used to mediocrity. They are used to failure at QB. They are used to making a top QB prospect become damaged goods. The fit would be a match made in heaven.

If this were to happen I can't wait for that pathetic chapter to happen. I think it would be just as embarrassing as the other chapters. I really don't think that the Jets are a real good fit for Vick. The problems that the Jets had stretch beyond Mark Sanchez. Sure he made poor decisions and turned over the ball time and again but the Jets have other issues.

I think that Vick would be stepping into a firestorm. The Jets would have to make big improvements for Vick to be successful. Vick's problems can be attributed to a poor Philadelphia Eagles offensive line. The lack of protection caused by a weak offensive line caused Vick to make mistakes, turn the ball over and also suffer a concussion that has left him out of the lineup for the past several weeks.

We've seen that Vick needs protection or he risks making stupid mistakes. I think that the Jets would make the Eagles offensive line look like Pro Bowlers. If that's the case and improvements aren't made, Vick will provide the Jets faithful with similar outcomes provided by Mark Sanchez.

I do think that Vick is a possibility for the Jets. I think that they are desperate to fill the void at QB that they would be willing to make another big time mistake at the position. This NFL fan is waiting for the team's next move at the position. It's sure to be amusing.

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