Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is Jim Going With the Hot Hand or Cold Hand?

Jim Harbaugh is a hypocrite. He is inconsistent. He must hate Alex Smith but is not willing to admit it. He said that both Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick are his guys. He has said that you have to go with the hot hand. Is that really true or does Jim Hate Alex Smith? Was he just waiting for a reason, silly or not to pull Alex Smith?

I took Jim Harbaugh who is today's Fool  the Day at his word. He said he would go with the hot hand. That was not the truth. Colin Kaeprnick had a bad game today. By all accounts Alex Smith who is the NFL's 5th ranked quarterback and who has played well all year should get the start next week.

That's what happens when your hot hand goes cold. That probably will not happen. Harbaugh hinted that he would continue to start the cold hand Alex Kaepernick. This is why Harbaugh was named our fool for today.

I'm sickened by Harbaugh's infatuation with Kaeprnick. The 49ers are trying to do better than last year and make it to the Super Bowl. I don't think Kaepernick is the guy to do that. Not this year. Maybe in the future but not this year.

This is not the time for Harbaugh to make idiotic decisions. Alex Smith did everything right this year. He was having a career year. He was winning games. He was the third ranked QB in the NFL when he went down with the injury. You yank that guy for an unproven QB? I said before that once teams get more film of Kaeprernick, he will find it harder to light up defenses.

That was true today. Jim Harbaugh should be a man of his word and not go with cold hand. Jim should go with the proven guy. He should go with a guy who he said was also his starter. If that was not the truth Jim should admit that.

Harbaugh should admit that he hates Alex Smith. If he doesn't really hate Alex Smith he must start Smith next  week, If he doesn't he is a fool.

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