Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is Donald Fehr a Maverick?

After reading about Winnipeg Jets player Evander Kane's recent twitter controversy of a photo of him displaying carrying wads of cash in both hands, I was a little annoyed to say the least. From a fan's perspective I felt that this was just another spoiled player flaunting his wealth at the hockey world and its fans. Evander Kane posted the photo and remains unapologetic.

Then I started thinking even more about this incident. Yes, I have too much time on my hands don't I? I started thinking about how Donald Fehr seems to have lost control of his union's membership. Is Donald Fehr a maverick? Is he the king of loose cannons? The answer is yes he is.

Instead of establishing some rules for NHL players to follow during this lockout, the clown has allowed the players to do and say just about anything they want. Gary Bettman who is the commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL) has been called a cancer. A player retweeted a follower's tweet wishing for Bettman's death and now we see that Evander Kane acted like a donkey.

We learned last weekend that the NHL had been tracking Twitter and other social media sites for comments that the players have been posting. That is being used against the NHLPA is a class action lawsuit

Gary Bettman has established rules, a type of gag order, where owners could be fined for making public comments about the NHL lockout. This is the smart way to navigate a contentious labor dispute. It's the professional way to lead. For that, I respect Gary Bettman. He isn't allowing the owners to trash talk the players.

I don't have any respect for Donald Fehr. For the leader of the union and someone who has experience in labor disputes I find Donald unprofessional. I think he's lost his way. I think he has very little control of the players. In disputes like this you have to be in total control. You have to control the messaging and the public relations side of things.

NHL fans and the media are looking at everyone's actions and words. They love stories like Evander Kane's tweet. They eat it up. Fans get disgusted. Evander Kane's tweet is the dumbest thing that a player could have done. He insulted the NHL's fan base. He flaunted wads of cash for everyone to see.

For those fans struggling to make ends meet and who would rub some nickels together to watch an NHL game they will find actions like that disgusting. Donald Fehr is a maverick and the king of loose cannons. I believe that acting like a buffoon will backfire on Donald. I think it will backfire on the players.

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