Monday, December 24, 2012

In Alex We Don't Trust

Written by Sportmentary - Editor in Chief
Jim Harbaugh's motto in the past six games seems to be in Alex we don't trust. Alex Smith was benched after returning from a concussion in favor of Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick had a very good game against the average Chicago Bears but hasn't been as good ever since. He's had a couple good games, a couple decent games and a couple of terrible games.

Kaeprnick proved to me on Sunday night what I already knew. Alex Smith gives the 49ers a better chance of success in the playoffs. I think the pressure will continue to build for the 49ers and I don't think that Colin is ready to deal with it.

The problem for the 49ers is that Jim Harbaugh unnecessarily benched Alex Smith and has kept him on the bench for six weeks. If he had to come off the bench, he would be rusty. I think that Jim Harbaugh should start him against the pathetic Arizona Cardinals in week #17. I think Harbaugh needs to face reality. Alex Smith should be the guy to lead the 49ers into the playoffs.

I think that Harbaugh is stubborn and won't make the change. I also think that he should take the blame if the 49ers don't make it to the Super Bowl. As I mentioned above think that this quarterback change wasn't the right choice.

We saw a dazed and confused Colin Kaepernick last night. He couldn't deal with the pressure of the Seattle defense or the crowd noise. Kaeprnick looked like a second year quarterback who's had limited experience. One thing Alex Smith gives the 49ers is consistency and playing an error free game.

Alex might not wow you but he won't make you groan either. Kapernick has wowed me but has made me groan. I don't want to groan in the playoffs. I'm mad at HArbaugh. I don't think that he should have tinkered with a winning product. He shouldn't have benched a quarterback that was ranked in the top five when he went down with a concussion.

In the eight games prior to going down with an injury Smith was 8-2. He started the game against the Rams that ended in a tie but Kaepernick finished it, so I don't count that. I just don't know how you can bench a QB who was doing so well.

I guess it takes a Jim Harbaugh to think outside the box and do the unthinkable when you're trying to win the Super Bowl. I think that Harbaugh tinkered with a good thing and he better be successful in the playoffs with Colin Kaepernick or I'll think he's a buffoon.

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