Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If You Thought Pelicans Was a Dumb Name...Check this One Out!

If you thought that the name Pelicans was the dumbest potential team name for the New Orleans Hornets you have to check this potential name for the New Orleans NBA club. Sports Illustrated is reporting that five names have been filed and trademarked by the NBA. One of those names is Mosquitoes.

What is this club thinking? They are picking timid names for their club. I thought that Pelicans was the dumbest professional sports team name ever. Now I think its Mosquitoes. Can you imagine an opponent preparing to play New Orleans? Hey guys, don't worry about their trash talking is bigger than their bite. All you have to do is swat those little bugs. Ha ha ha.

I really thought that I was misreading the name when I was reading the article. I had to look at what I was reading closely and read it over a few times. I wasn't seeing things. Mosquitoes is a serious choice. It probably won't end up being the name for the team. That honor will most likely go to the Pelicans.

I never thought that I would be lobbying for the name Pelicans. When that name was first reported, I couldn't stop laughing and though it was ridiculous. Now I find myself asking the organization to pick any name other than Mosquitoes. If anyone in the New Orleans Hornets organization has the opportunity to read this article, please, pretty please, please with icing on top, don't name the team Mosquitoes.

Why do I care if the Hornets become the Mosquitoes? I actually don't. I'm not a fan of the team. They would be a bigger laughing stock than they are now. With that said, it would be embarrassing to the NBA. There are some names that are so idiotic that they should be banned.

Naming a team after a Mosquito is just wrong. It is. I'm sure most sports fans will agree with me on this. I just can't imagine fans yelling Go Mosquitoes Go. Bite your opponents. Come Mosquitoes. Bzzz. Bzzzz. Swat. Our guys have just been Swatted tonight.

As I said before. I don't think this will be the name of the team. I think cooler heads will prevail. I think rational thought will prevail over irrational thought. Nevertheless, the fact that the Hornets are even considering this name is ridiculous and embarrassing.

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