Thursday, December 6, 2012

I told You So. NHL Talks Implode

I told you so. I told you. Ha ha ha ha ha. I told you so. NHL talks imploded today with the rejection by the NHL of the latest NHLPA offer. It looks like both sides were just posturing and the NHLPA made the final move by trying to outdo the owners. The owners didn't fall for that nonsense.

We've heard for days now about the optimism of the most recent negotiations. The term being used was cautious optimism. My term was cautious pessimism. LOL. I knew what I was dealing with. I knew I was dealing with ding dongs. I knew I was dealing with misfits. I knew I was dealing with dolts.

These clowns make me laugh. They are incompetent. They are destroying their product willingly. The NHL is losing 18 million dollars per day (by their accounts). I guess that's just chump change. The NHLPA is losing eight to ten million dollars per day. I guess that's peanuts. Their ship is sinking and they are at a loss of how to change course.

I sure hope my readers aren't too upset. I tried to warn you. I've written a few articles about this topic in recent days. This is what I expected. So where do the sides go from here? I'm not sure. This seemed to be their last push to save the season. They failed miserably. They are losers.

The damage done by this lockout is unknown but I feel that the NHL and NHLPA will live to regret this lockout and its length of it. I think they will look back and see that they acted like buffoons. They might look back and wish they could take a mulligan but they can't. You only get one chance to screw things up. Screwing things up is exactly what these guys have done.

In the end, they could change the cast of negotiating characters but they couldn't change the outcome. In essence it was the same group of misfits. In the end they accomplished nothing at all even when they were reporting that they had "cautious optimism". In the end I knew it was really their buzz term for expected failure.

I might sound like a pessimist and it might look like I'm gloating that I was right. I'm not. I just knew what I was dealing with. Deep inside I was hoping I was wrong. I was hoping that I had this all wrong. I was hoping that I would wake up this morning or log on to my favorite sports site and see that a deal was struck. It was only hope and not reality. Common sense told me that my hopes and desires regarding and end to lockout 2012 weren't realistic. It was false hope to expect that the end was near and realistic expectations that this lockout would continue.


  1. And now I'm officially doe with NHL hockey, and it's a good thing. I've managed to save enough money from this lockout from tickets (and expensive beer at the arena) to the much needed gear/merchandise. I'm using this newly found funds and going to vacation in the Caribbean for a week, and all I have to do is thank the NHL and NHLPA for this much needed break!

    Who knows, maybe staying away from hockey will work out for me staying away from hockey forever. When people quit smoking, the longer they stay smoke-free the less they'll have to pick up a cigarette. Maybe a few more hockey-less weeks and months will also detox me from caring about anything hockey related and I can be hockey-free for life.

    yes! I hope they do cancel the season - doing so = more money in my pocket, money I can use to go on more vacations.

    Thank you NHL and NHLPA!

  2. LeCapsFan welcome to Sportmentary and thanks for your comment. I understand your anger. All NHL fans are experiencing this because we're at a loss to explain the current state of affairs.

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