Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to manage a game like…Kaepernick or Smith

Today Colin Kaepernick managed the game like Alex Smith. Maybe not as well as Smith. The guy anointed as the next best thing in the NFL failed to move the ball that well against the exciting, awesome and powerful Rams. What? The rams are not a good team. Kaepernick showed me why Alex Smith should be the starter and the guy that gives the San Francisco 49ers the best chance of winning.

I knew Kaepernick would face a tough game at some point. I didn't think that it would happen against the Rams. That's not entirely true. The Rams defense has had some good games. We saw that Kaepernick looks like an average quarterback when facing a good defense. He's a good game manager but the 49ers have a better game manager in Alex Smith.

I know what you're going to say. The Chicago Bears are a great defense. That might have been true earlier in the season but we know now that the Bears were in a free fall. They haven't been good in the past few weeks. Don't look at last week's Vikings game as any evidence that they are good. The Vikings suck. They only have Adrian Peterson.

Let’s hope that this is the end of the Kaepernick experiment this year. If you’re going to go with the hot hand, go with Smith. Right now there isn't a hot hand. That’s because Harbaugh decided to take a gamble with Kaepernick. Today, Kaepernick showed that he’s just average quarterback (QB). He has great potential for the future but this is not the time. By the way, the 49ers lost 16-13 and Alex Smith wasn't the QB.

Why am I being so hard on Kaepernick. I'm hard on him because he deserves it. Alex never got a fair crack. He lost his job after one game due to an injury. Fair is fair. Kaepernick didn't win today. Now start Alex next week. All Smith did before he was out due to injury (and benched by Harbaugh) was throw a touchdown with blurred vision after suffering a concussion. Did I say that Harbaugh benched the fifth ranked QB when he returned? He was ranked third at the time of his injury.

Now Harbaugh is in a tough situation. His flavor of the month hit a wall today. He threw Alex under the bus by benching him for no reason. Now he might have to go back to that guy. That guy has not played in 3 1/2 games.

I believe that Alex Smith still gives his team the best chance of winning. He has more experience. He has more playoff experience and he entered this week as the fifth ranked quarterback. If they don't go to Smith there is something wrong in 49ers land.

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