Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Jerk Around a Player Jets Style

The New York Jets have a unique way of jerking around their players. They have no idea about how to develop their quarterbacks but they have a great deal of expertise on how to screw with them. While I've been on Mark Sanchez's case since last season, I feel that the Jets have played mind games with him and have done a poor job developing his skills.

I think it's time for Sanchez to take his game elsewhere. It will be next to impossible for him to find success with the team even if they are still interested in him. It should be clear to everyone in the Jets organization that Jets fans do not want him to be part of their plans at the quarterback position. What might be clear to rational and reasonable person might not be clear to the New York Jets.

The best thing for Sanchez would be to go to a team that has the resources for developing their quarterbacks. Maybe Mark could be a backup and have a legitimate chance of getting some playing time if called upon to do so. There would be less pressure on him and he could really study his position. It's clear to almost everyone that Sanchez isn't ready to be a starter.

Is it too late for him to turn things around? You know the old saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? In some cases that's true. It all depends on Mark's desire to start over as a backup and to put in the work to learn the position the right way.

Then there's Tim Tebow. Tebow played very few downs and spent most of the year warming the bench for Mark Sanchez. Who knows why the Jets brought Tebow to New York? Was it for publicity? Was it to pressure Mark Sanchez? Was it for the wild cat offense?

The wild cat was hardly run this year. So that couldn't have been the reason. We were lead to believe that was why Tebow was signed by the Jets. That doesn't seem true.

I think it was to screw around with both Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. The Jets have damaged both of them. They made sure that Tebow had very little playing time this year and they jerked him around real good. There are reports that he will ask to be traded to released if Greg McElroy starts the remaining two games.

They have made sure to destroy Sanchez's confidence. Every time he took the field he had to have been looking behind his shoulder. Some will argue that a good quarterback would use that pressure and emerge victorious. That may be true but why would a team do that to their starter? The answer is that they might be jerks.

I'm assuming that Tebow will be deactivated for next week's game against the San Diego Chargers. I'm assuming that Mark Sanchez will backup McElroy. That's not only an insult to Tebow but a slap in his face. Sanchez hasn't earned the right to play another down this year. It's absolutely disgusting how the Jets have treated Tebow.

Did the Jets want to damage Tebow's career? I don't have the answer to that. If the answer is no then the Jets are just a despicable bunch of jerks. If the answer is yes then they are a despicable bunch of jerks. In either case they are a despicable bunch of jerks. In one season they might have ruined the careers of two quarterbacks. This is a detestable organization.

One thing seems clear to me. The Jets have their own unique style of how to jerk around quarterbacks.
For their handling of the QB situation this year, on Monday night and on Tuesday, the New York Jets earn the right to be Tuesday's Fool of the Day.

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