Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hey Ref That's My Basketball - Amir Johnson Ejected For Trying To Wrestle Basketball Away From Ref

This has to be one of the wackiest stories in a long time. I saw this on ESPN Sports Center tonight. Amir Johnson of the Toronto Raptors was ejected from Monday's game against the Portland Trail Blazers for trying to take the ball away from referee David Jones.

During the game and after free throws were taken Johnson would take the ball after a free throw was taken, then bounce the ball and then give it to the referee. This happened a number of times before Jones got sick of it. In the last free throw before Johnson was ejected the referee took the ball away. Johnson then tried to take the ball away from Jones. That's a no no of course. Jones ejected Johnson.

Johnson then went ballistic. He had to be physically restrained from Jones. Johnson then threw his mouthpiece at the referee. Are you kidding me? Amir must have issues. What is wrong with that nut job? First of all, it's not your darn ball Amir. Second of all, the referee has the right to the ball and third of all, you never get physical with an official. For his ridiculous behavior Amir is today's Fool of the Day.

I see a major fine and possible suspension coming for Johnson. I think this guy needs to receive mental health counseling. The guy has lost his marbles. The highlights of this event were hilarious. They were also disturbing. When he was just taking the basketball away and then giving it back to the ref it was funny but strange. When he was trying to wrestle the ball away from the referee it was disturbing. When he tried to attack the referee it was disgusting and when he threw his mouthpiece at Jones it was moronic.

The NBA needs to take harsh action against this guy. It was only a ball. He went crazy over a basketball for no apparent reason. The guy is a ticking time bomb. There has to be something going on with the guy. His actions were embarrassing to him and his club.

Hey Amir don't yell at the ref fro the ball. It's not yours. Chill out dude. Stop acting like a fool.

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